3 Ways: How to hide text messages on iPhone?

We all want to enjoy privacy on our phone and do not want to share l any messages and notifications that come on the phone. So, today in this article we will know how to hide text messages on iphone.

◆ How to hide text messages on iPhone?

  • Disappearing notifications with iOS 7 and later.

  1. Choose the settings icon on the main screen,


  1. then choose the notification.

  1. then choose messages.

4. Tap the toggle bar next to Show in Notification Center and it will turn from green to white, thus preventing messages from appearing in your notifications.

  1. If you want to prevent notification alerts from appearing when they come to you, click on the button below the alert pattern.

If you do not want the phone to vibrate while receiving messages, choose Vibrate and then choose None, then select the toggle bar on the preview display until it turns white, and this Ensure that if you turn on alerts and notifications, no text from messages and notifications appear in the alerts.

Choose the toggle bar next to the main screen display to turn white, this prevents messages from appearing if you receive them on the lock screen.

  • Disappearing notifications with iOS 6 and earlier

  1. Enter the settings on the main screen, adjust the notifications in the control panel, choose the notifications button and then go to the notification center section below to select messages, find the location of messages and then click on it, the message control panel will open.
  2. At the bottom of the Messages control panel, then press the View in Lock Screen toggle bar to turn it off. On this system, “Show on Lock Screen” should be “Show on Lock Screen” instead. Thus, you have successfully hidden your messages from the phone.
  • Hide text messages on iPhone using third party apps

To move to this application, stop notifications and set a password to prevent someone from accessing the application. Some applications may ask you to jailbreak your phone. Search for a third-party application that encrypts your text messages unlike other applications that hide messages.

Anyone can find out if you have received messages or not, but only you can open the encrypted messages using the password.

There are a number of paid apps in which each app has a different system than the other.

Always be careful when you send private information or pictures over the Internet, you can successfully hide them on your phone, the person receiving the message may in the future see these pictures and information.

◆ How to hide the contents of the text messages on the lock screen?

If you receive a call or receive a new message while your iPhone screen is off, you will see a notification on the lock screen.

It’s a convenient function that doesn’t miss important matters, but what is worrisome is that privacy-related information is displayed on the lock screen. In some cases, such as emails and LINE messages, you don’t want people nearby to read the content of the notification. In addition, it may be troublesome to confirm that the number of notifications has increased too much, and the convenience may be impaired.

Unwilling to not receive the app’s notifications themselves, display only the notifications you need on the lock screen, or hide the preview of messages that you don’t want others to read on the lock screen. You can prevent privacy leakage before it happens.

The strongest privacy protection in terms of notifications is to reject all push notifications from the app. Not only when locked but also when unlocked, the notification from the app does not arrive , so the notification content will not be visible to others. However, the drawback is that convenience is sacrificed.

In the notification settings for each app, in addition to turning on / off the notification itself, you can set whether to display it on the lock screen or notification center for each function. If you hide the notification on the lock screen, you will not be able to see the notification on the lock screen (it will also be hidden on the notification center when locked).

By the way, it is possible to make detailed customization such that the sound does not sound even if it is displayed on the lock screen. For less urgent apps (such as games), turn off the sound so it won’t be disturbed by notification sounds or vibrations.

  1. First, open the “Settings” app.
  2. When the setting screen is displayed , select the notification.
  3. Select the app for which you want to change the notification settings.
  4. If you uncheck the lock screen here, the notification to the lock screen will be hidden.

If you also uncheck the Notification Center or banner , notifications will not be displayed on each screen.

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