Reason Behind: Why homepod not responding?

Why homepod not responding?

The HomePod is not responding and this can be due to different reasons. Is your HomePod not responding to voice commands (e.g. “Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri, stop”) or even blinking on HomePod plus and minus. So today in this article we will explain the reasons why homepod not responding. ◆ Reasons why homepod not … Read more

Why my Macbook pro won’t turn on?

Macbook pro won't turn on

Have you ever faced the problem of your Macbook not working before ? This problem is a very annoying problem for Mac users , and although it is a rare problem, it will stop you from using the computer completely, which may cause you a lot of problems. So, today in this article we will … Read more

Why iphone alarm not going off?

Why iphone alarm not going off

Many of us rely heavily on the iphone alarm to pace our days, wake up and go to work. However, if you have updated your version of iOS, and you notice a bug on the iphone alarm, there is a good chance that this error is due to the sound settings or the version of … Read more