3 Simple steps: How to search reels on Instagram?

With all the variety of information on social networks, it is not always clear how to find a video on Instagram. Many interesting photos and videos are collected here, which are available in the official mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows systems. The search function is built into its functionality. Let’s figure out how to search reels on Instagram.

Quick Solution: Open instagram> Click on the “Magnifier” icon> click on the search bar> Enter the audio name or Hashtags> search.

Sometimes I’m searching reels on Instagram, and I always try to find reels using the insta search option.

When I show good content reels, I always hit the like button. It will help when I find the same reels in the future. Instagram has an option called activities; using this you can find old reels that you liked before.

◆ Through search bar How to search reels on Instagram?

After launching the application on a mobile device or tablet, the user must perform several actions.

1. Click on the “Magnifier” icon, which sends you to the search menu.  Located second from the left in the bottom options bar;

insta search icon

2. In the upper part of the screen, the search bar opens; enter a search word or hashtag.

search bar on instagram

3. Here, you can see the five options(Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, Places); most likely, you can find your videos in the Top section. But can try to find it through Tags or Audios.

Thus, a window appears with materials on a given topic issuance. The list displays hashtags, accounts, and commercial pages that match the entered query.

The specified method of how to find videos on Instagram gives results in real-time, that is, in the order in which they were uploaded to the application servers. Additionally, images on the selected topic are also loaded.

How do I find a reel I just watched?

There are two easy ways to find just-watched reels on Instagram, and if you did any activities like- Saved or Liked the reel, it’s easier to find those reels.

Find a reel you liked on Instagram:

1. Go to the profile and click on the three lines from the top right.

profile on instagram

2. Then click your activity and click “Interactions.”

3. Then click the Likes, and you can see your liked reels.

liked reels on instagram

If you want to see any reel once more, it means most probably you liked the reels. There was a chance to find any reels following those steps.

Find a reel you saved on Instagram:

Again open your profile and click on the three lines from the top right. Then click to Saved.

find saved reels on instagram

Here you can see all the reels that you saved before. Before searching it on Instagram, you must check the saved reels. Finding the reel you want to watch again is a probability.

How do I find reels that use certain Audio or hashtags?

If you found any reels that used the same Audio and hashtag, just click on the audio name or hashtag(from the bottom of the reels).

Or another way is to Put the Hashtag on the search bar at the top of the screen.

Also, you can search for any song through the search bar. Just put your Song name on the search bar, you can see multiple options, but you need to click on Audio.

◆ FAQs

Ans.1. Selecting the desired combination starts the issuance of photos and videos from which the desired material is selected. Video materials are marked with a special camera-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the preview. In addition, the video may end up on one of the pages of the “carousel” of materials within a multi-page publication. Playback of content starts automatically when you open it. With an additional tap on the image, you can pause it and turn it off or turn on the soundtrack.

Ans.2. The Instagram platform supports different formats of video format materials. Initially, only videos up to 1 minute long could be posted. Small sketches comprise about 90% of the content in the “video” section.
Over time, the site developed this direction, and it became possible to place videos in stories – a special section that saves information throughout the day. If the user wants to save a note for a long time, you need time to mark it, especially through the “pin” button. Then the plot falls into a special section.
The latest innovation is the ability to take and save long shots in the IGTV section, which is marked with a TV symbol. In this section, you can also set the task of how to find a video on Instagram.

Ans.3. There are two ways to find the entrance to the section of long-term broadcasts on Instagram:

  • Through the IGTV section in the search menu;
  • Through the TV icon in the upper right corner of the main content feed.

After starting this section, the following options will be available:
Recommendations (materials that the Instagram system itself offers based on the likes and views of your account);
Popular (broadcasts with the most likes and views).
It should be noted that a separate personal account is created in IGTV, which is assigned to each blogger. By subscribing to an IGTV page, the user automatically subscribes to the page owner’s Instagram.

Ans.4. To answer the question of how to find a video on Instagram in your feed, you will have to do the following. It appears in the news feed if you are already following the person of interest who releases the desired content. This section opens automatically when the application starts.
Scrolling through the page, the videos will start automatically. Sound settings will depend on the mode the gadget is currently in.
It also reflects the online broadcast of accounts or the address book. The live broadcast is marked with a pink outline and is located on the user’s stories panel.

Ans.5. Access to this section is made by clicking on the “magnifying glass.” The most popular materials are collected here, potentially interesting based on previous activity. Photos and videos are placed here in a chaotic manner. Hovering over a specific icon starts automatic playback.
On a note! All of the above manipulations are available only to registered users.

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