How to add music to Instagram posts and stories?

In recent times, the social network owned by Facebook Inc. has focused more on stories (given the great success of the latter). The developers have in fact enriched the Instagram stories since their introduction with numerous very special features and characteristics that have decreed the definitive success and great popularity of Instagram among the youngest. So today in this article we will explain you how to add music to instagram post and stories.

◆ How to add music to instagram post and stories?

One of the most successful features is definitely the Music sticker. The latter is increasingly used by “instagrammers” who enjoy enriching their photos and videos to be published for the next 24 hours with songs.

Before the introduction of this sticker, in fact, those who had signed up to Instagram had to strive to insert in the recordings a song or an audio that came from a source other than the microphone of their smartphone by resorting to other apps to add music to the videos.

The Instagram developers, perhaps noting that these solutions were widely used by users, then thought of developing a special tool to allow you to add music to your Instagram stories more easily.

How to put music on Instagram stories?

To publish a story with music on Instagram , all you have to do is proceed normally as if you wanted to publish a normal IG stories. So, go through the following steps with us:

  1. Open the Instagram app (and log in if you are not already inside!);
  2. Click on your personal photo at the top left or on the camera symbol (right next to the Instagram message);
  3. Move between the items at the bottom of the stories and look for the Music item;

Once you have identified the Music item among those below, you should find yourself in front of a screen with a search field, where you can manually enter the title of the song or the name of the artist to search for it in the catalog, or you can choose between the following three tab:

Popular: shows the most popular songs inserted in the last 24h by other Instagram users in their stories;

Moods: classify the songs in the catalog into different categories, linked to the moment or, precisely, to the mood (you will therefore find fun, relaxing, romantic music and so on);

Genres: classifies the songs in the catalog based on the musical genre they belong to. You will then find categorizations such as Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz and so on.

Once you have identified and selected the song you want to put as music on Instagram you can use the middle button normally as you usually do. By clicking once you will take a snapshot, to which, however, compared to normal, Instagram will add the desired song. If you hold down the middle button instead, you will record a video.

Before taking or starting recording, you can also select one of the filters available in the application to make your story even more special:

instagram music filters

NOTE: The addition of a piece of the music track on Instagram has a maximum duration of 15 seconds (as for videos).

Once the video has been shot or recorded, you will be able to publish the content normally and see it visible for 24 hours from the moment of publication.

◆ How to insert music on a photo or video already in the gallery?

Alternatively, Instagram allows you to insert music in stories even on photos or videos already in your gallery .

To do this, just proceed normally, as if you were to retrieve a photo or video already present on your phone. In detail you should:

  1. Click on your personal photo at the top left or on the camera symbol (right next to the word Instagram);
  2. Tap on the image at the bottom left which represents the last shot saved in your gallery;
  3. photo video gallery story instagram
  4. Select the photo or video you want to publish as stories;
  5. Swipe up to access the panel with stickers (GIFs, Surveys, Questions) and emoticons;instagram music sticker.
  6. Select the Music sticker, then follow the directions we explained earlier.
  7. Obviously, in this case, the file being already present on your gallery cannot be embellished with the filters as seen in the previous paragraph.

Instagram, however, has included a very special feature for this type of additions, namely the possibility of adding its text in addition to the song during playback (like karaoke).

◆ How to add lyrics of songs on Instagram?

If you want to share a file that is already in your gallery as a story, as we explained in the previous paragraph, you can still enrich it with the music sticker.

Not only that, recently Instagram has updated the music feature enriching it with a great new feature: the ability to add song lyrics when we publish a story.

If you want to know how to add the lyrics of a song in your Instagram story continue reading this paragraph. The procedure that we will explain to you is really very simple and does not require special skills.

In fact, you will need to follow the normal procedure for adding content to your story:

  1. Tap on the camera symbol at the top or on your personal image;
  2. Select a file from your gallery by clicking on the box at the bottom left;photo video gallery story instagram.
  3. Select the photo or video you want to publish as stories;
  4. Swipe up to access the panel with stickers (GIFs, Surveys, Questions) and emoticons;
  5. Choose the song to add to your story along with the photo and video;
  6. If the song you have chosen from the catalog has lyrics then you should see icons.
  7. Choose the format you like best to write the lyrics while playing the content.
  8. You can also change color, shrink or move the text and music sticker wherever you like;
  9. Click on Done, then publish as a normal story to make it visible to your Instagram contacts in the next 24 hours.

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