How to find drafts on Facebook app on iPhone?

Facebook has a draft save option. However, you may be new to Facebook and don’t know where the drafts are. So this time, we will introduce how to find drafts on facebook app iphone.

◆ How to find drafts on Facebook app on iphone?

Next, we will explain where to find the draft location of the Facebook app on the iPhone:

  • For iPhone Tap “What’s on your mind?” On Facebook.

  • Then, the text saved as a draft will appear automatically.

In the case of iPhone, the draft is displayed when you open the posting screen, so you do not have to worry about forgetting the draft itself.

◆ How to find drafts on facebook app?

Now let’s see where the draft location of the Facebook app on Android is:

  1. Android apps will notify you when you save the draft. Tap the bell mark on the notification.
  2. There is a saved draft of the bell mark on Facebook notifications on Android Menu.
  3. Then , the notification ” There is a saved draft. ” Is received, so tap the place where the three dots on the right are lined up.
  4. There is a saved draft of the bell mark on Facebook notifications on Android Re-editing the menu.
  5. A list of saved drafts will be displayed, so tap the draft you want to edit again and edit it again.

It is very convenient because you can see the contents of the draft saved in the list, but the draft will be discarded after 3 days. If you have an important draft, try to re-edit it as soon as possible.

◆ How to recall a draft saved on Facebook?

To recall the draft saved in Fabook, the operation method for iOS is follows:

For iOS (iPhone) version apps, saved posts are saved in the app as they are.

If you close the app once , open the app again, and tap the “What are you doing now?” Part like you would a normal post, the previously saved draft will be recalled naturally.

It is a specification that the previous draft comes out in the flow of saving the draft once and then trying to post again.

If you don’t know how to save the draft in the first place, try saving it by following the steps below. For smartphones, use the Facebook app .

For iOS (iPhone), fill in the posted content as usual and tap Cancel once . Then, it will appear as shown in the image below, so tap “Save Draft” to complete !

For Android, if you press the browser back button on the posting screen, the same guidance will appear.

The draft function is also useful when you want to post what you wrote with more thought than usual, so please use it.

  • Deleting a draft

For iOS (iPhone), the draft disappears when you open the app again and call the post screen, and for Android, the previous draft is deleted when you tap the “Draft saved” notification. ..

Call it once, read the content, and if you don’t need to post it, just “discard the post” and you’re good to go!

Cancel → Discard Post

  • About drafts on Facebook pages

When posting on Facebook, in addition to posting to the normal personal timeline, you can also post using a function called Facebook page.

A page that can be opened separately from your personal account on Facebook.

It is often established for the purpose of disseminating information by companies and organizations. Formerly known as the fan page.

You can register by company name or service name.

For Facebook pages, the draft remains semi-permanent. Unless you delete the page or delete the draft, it will remain for one or five years .

Also, there is no particular limit to the number that can be saved, so you can

◆ What is facebook draft?

Facebook , which is now one of the famous SNS , has recently become easier to post to Facebook by using the smartphone app version of Facebook. You can easily sympathize with your friends by taking a picture and posting it on Facebook because there was a cute dessert and beautiful flowers were in bloom.

There are many useful features of Facebook, one of which is saving drafts . If you are a regular Facebook user, you may have used the draft save function once. However, some of you may be new to Facebook and can’t find where the draft is.

By using the draft function, you can save as a draft and re-edit the text that was in the middle of updating later when you have a sudden need or someone calls you and you can only update Facebook halfway.

But do you know where the drafts are stored? If you’re thinking of re-editing later, but  can’t re-edit if I can’t find the draft, I don’t know where it’s saved, and I’ll start over from 1.

So this time, for those who can not find the draft and do not know where it was saved, I will explain where the draft is saved separately for Android and iPhone.

◆ Summary:

We  explained where to find the draft of the Facebook smartphone app when we can’t find it. Facebook is used by many people and has been updated to make it more comfortable to use. The location for saving drafts was also a little different from the past. Check as it used to be, that? There is no draft … where did you go? If you think that, please refer to this article.

You can enjoy Facebook anywhere by using the smartphone app, but sometimes you may not be able to post immediately. In such a case, it is recommended to use the draft save and post calmly when you have time.

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