[Old & New] How to see my liked posts on Instagram?

After spending the day liking posts on Instagram, do you want to find a specific post ? This article is made for you! So, today in this article we will explain you how to see my liked posts on Instagram.

◆ How to see my liked posts on Instagram?

Among the social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most popular apps. In 2018, the one billion user mark was broken, with around 500 million users using the platform every day. With photos, videos, stories or the so-called reels, there is pure entertainment, worldwide.

It’s not just about uploading your own pictures and videos, but also about networking with each other. Posts from other users can be liked, commented on and shared.

At a time when Instagram is constantly changing, it is important to always know how to properly handle the application . Moreover, it is not easy to find your already liked publications. 

Who has never tried to find a post liked on Instagram ? Thus, you will have access to all your actions on the social network.

The process is simple! You still need to know how to get there. Indeed, because the 1st time it is not very easy, but as soon as you have done it, everything will go very quickly for the next time.

  • 1st step, open Instagram => click on your profile at the bottom right of the app.

  • At the top right, press the three dashes.

  • A list of options is displayed, so click on “ Your activity

  • Press “Interactions

  • Once all these steps are done, it’s time to move on to the 6th step by clicking on “Like”

  • Here you can see your liked posts and Reels.

Swipe until you find the Instagram post you were looking for. And now, voila !

But it would still have been easier to have a “Like” tab on his Instagram profile, in hidden mode like on TikTok. Maybe this shortcut is already in the works. Case to follow!

◆ How to find back the Instagram posts you’ve liked?

With the mass of photos, videos and reels that are uploaded to Instagram every day, numerous likes can be set accordingly. If I particularly like a post, I mark the post with a heart. But how do you find the posts that you have liked?

It’s easy to check in five simple steps. Like other posts and look at them again later without having to search for them for a long time – this is possible:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click the three lines at the top of the right window.
  3. Go to “Your Activity“.
  4. Now click on “Interactions“.
  5. Now you can select “Likes“.

Once the five steps have been completed, a grid appears with all the photos, videos, picture galleries or reels that the user has liked. You can click on any post again and you’ll be taken back to the post you liked.

◆ How to see posts we like on Instagram?

You can take advantage of one of Instagram’s latest features, which is useful for viewing the history or history of Instagram posts that you’ve liked.

Here’s a quick and easy way to view popular Instagram posts.

Make sure Instagram application is installed on your Android smartphone or iOS smartphone.

If not, download it from Google Play Store or App store first.

Run the Instagram application you installed, log in to your Instagram account, and then go to your Instagram account profile page.

On the Instagram account profile page, pay attention to the three-line icon in the upper right corner, please click on it.

The icon displays multiple options for some Instagram features, please click Settings or Preferences.

You will be taken to a new page that contains options for managing your Instagram account. Click Account.

Scroll down to find an option labeled pal Post You’ve Liked or Post You Love and then click on it.

A history of all the Instagram posts you’ve liked will be displayed in full and in sequence with the time you gave them.

Click the icon below to see the posts you liked in a grid or group form.

Or you can also click the icon below to view posts you’ve liked in a non-grid form, meaning not in groups.

◆ FAQ’s

Q.1. How do you find your own comments and story replies on Instagram?

Under “Your Activity” you will also see the buttons for comments and story replies. Here you can also check which posts you have commented on, or which stories you have responded to with which answer. Cool photos, interesting videos or entertaining reels can easily be called up again with these steps.

In the “Your Activity” folder, Instagram now offers a lot of new information about the usage time of the app, including deleted content, which can also be managed.

Q.2. How do I see what my friends have liked on Instagram?

Instagram also used to let you see what pictures the people you followed liked liking them. In the activity log under the heart symbol, you could follow your friends’ activities as well as your own. However, Instagram removed this option in 2019 to prevent abuse. So you can no longer simply check what your friends like.

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