How to read Instagram messages without seen?

Many Instagram users are looking for how to read someone’s messages without their knowledge, that is, without seeing a read message “Seen” in the chat. Most of these people usually do not want to reply, but they want to know the content of that message. If the sender knows that the message has been read and has not been answered, it can bother him. Here lies the importance of reading Instagram messages without their knowledge. So let’s see how to read instagram messages without seen.

◆ How to read instagram messages without seen ?

Unfortunately, there is no official option that allows you to do this, but we can say that there are two secrets that you can rely on one of them to be able to read messages without knowing the sender on Instagram, that is, when he enters the chat, he will not see a read message “ Seen ” even if I read it.

The first method is by restricting that person to Instagram , check out our guide on that. Through this restriction, you do not show the interaction of that with your posts, but it remains visible to him only, and also when he sends you private messages, they appear in the request box, and even if you read them, he will never know that.

It is worth noting that you can also read the messages you receive where the notifications appear, this is a common method that many rely on, but in some cases the full content of the message may not appear in the notification.

The second method that we will rely on in this explanation is to read Instagram messages in an offline mode. How is that? This is what we will learn in the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the private messages section.
  2. Enable airplane mode on your phone in order to disconnect the internet from it.
  3. Now, read the messages to be read without the knowledge of the owner. You can read many messages as well.
  4. After reading the message, go to your profile, then click on the three bars option on the top side, then click on “Settings” , then scroll down and log out of the account. (Make sure you are still offline).
  5. Now, disable airplane mode and connect to the internet again, then log in to your Instagram account.
  6. Go back to the private messages section and you will find that this message has not been opened yet.

The method is effective without any doubt, be sure that by following these steps, he will never know that you have read the message. If you are afraid of this, tell your friend to send you a message and then follow these steps.

◆ What’s the issue with the ‘,seen’ function?

What fails with Instagram is a simple fact: Unlike WhatsApp, you can’t simply disable the feature. Although there are older instructions on how you can read something on Instagram without triggering the “seen” symbol and deactivating the function via your settings, the reality looks different, at least today.

This way is said to have worked in the past:

  • Go to your profile.
  • OpenSettings.
  • Tap on “Activity Status”.
  • Disable status.

The fact that this method does not work (anymore) starts with the fact that you can only manage the time you spend on Instagram under “Your activity”. Individual settings that affect your Instagram messages are missing here.

You won’t find such an option under the menu item “Notifications” and “Direct Messages” either. Here you can only switch push notifications on and off for a new Instagram message.

Trick to read Instagram messages without seen

In order to really read messages on Instagram without a “seen” mark, you unfortunately have to think a little more awkwardly. In the end, it can only be avoided with a trick. If you want to read a sender’s Instagram message unnoticed, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate Airplane mode before opening the Instagram message.
  2. Once you have read them, you must close the app completely.
  3. Only then do you disable airplane mode and reconnect to the internet.
◆ Conclusion

So far, there is no way to turn off read receipts for Instagram messages. But you can bypass them like the blue ticks on WhatsApp . This requires a somewhat cumbersome trick, but it will help you to override the “seen” function.

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