Best laptop backpacks for men in 2022

When carrying a laptop, you can use both hands freely while protecting your important computer, it is also suitable for commuting by bicycle or school. Many backpacks are on sale from each manufacturer, but it is important to carefully check the materials, design, functions, etc. before selecting. So this time, we will introduce the recommended models of best laptop backpacks for men.

◆ list of Best laptop backpacks for men


Water-stop fastener that prevents rain from seeping through the gap

A genuine leather laptop backpack that goes well with suits and jacket styles. The surface of the leather is water and oil repellent. Furthermore, because it uses a waterproof fastener, it is difficult for rain to seep through the gaps in the fastener.

Although it is a compact backpack with a capacity of 12L, A4 size documents can be stored in the main storage. It also has a storage space for a 13-inch laptop. There are two pockets on the front, which is convenient for storing small items and pouches.

Although it is made of genuine leather, the weight of the bag is as light as 860g. Recommended for those looking for a laptop backpack for commuting.


For a compact laptop backpack for commuting to work or school

It is a laptop backpack with a square shape. Achieves a light weight of 560g using original fabrics and lightweight parts. In addition, the fabric has a long-lasting water-repellent finish “DRY SUMMIT”.

With a capacity of 14L, it is attractive for its compact size. The main storage is A4 size compatible, and it also has a 13-inch notebook laptop pocket. Recommended for those who are looking for a compact laptop backpack for commuting to work or school.

  1. Manhattan Portage Navy Yard Backpack

A laptop backpack featuring a red brand logo. The main pocket is a horizontal zipper type that opens 270 °. Since the opening is large, you can smoothly put in and take out not only documents but also clothes and shoes.

Inside is a cushioned pocket that you can carry around while protecting your laptop. In addition, there is a zipper-type mesh pocket on the back side of the flap, and a zipper pocket on the outside front and side, so you can store a large number of small items.

The shoulder belt and back panel are made of highly breathable mesh fabric, so you won’t get stuffy even if you sweat. If you are looking for a laptop backpack for commuting to work or school.

  1. ELECOM off toco 3WAY laptop backpack high grade

A laptop backpack that plays three roles: a backpack, a handbag, and a messenger bag. A dedicated space for storing 15.6-inch notebook laptops and documents is placed on the back. The main storage has a zipper-type partition, and you can freely switch between 1 air chamber and 2 air chambers.

In the center of the back panel, there is a hidden pocket where you can carry your smartphone or wallet. In addition, the side has a pocket suitable for PET bottles and folding umbrellas, and the shoulder belt has a pocket for storing cards.

With a built-in rain cover on the bottom, you can rest assured even if it rains suddenly. This laptop backpack is recommended for those who commute to work or school by bicycle or motorcycle.

  1. Incase (INCASE) City Compact Backpack

A laptop backpack with a calm design that can be used widely from business to daily use. The point is that the laptop sleeve in the main storage is cushioned at all 360 °. It can reduce the impact in various directions.

There is also a pocket on the front where you can store your smartphone or tablet device. The brushed lining protects your device, making it perfect for carrying multiple devices.

The shoulder strap has an air mesh cushion, which makes it easy to carry on your back. Recommended for those who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use laptop backpack.

  1. Gregory Covert Solid Day

laptop backpack of popular American bag brand “Gregory”. The stylish design that is easy to match with a wide range of fashions is attractive.

On the back side, there is a laptop compartment with a waterproof zipper, so you can rest assured even in sudden rain. It is also convenient to have a multi-pouch that is convenient for storing cables.

Also noteworthy is the functional main storage with multiple inner pockets. Not only A4 size documents but also one night’s change of clothes can be stored comfortably. It is a recommended laptop backpack that can be used from commuting to school to private life.

  1. TUMI TAHOE Notaway backpack

A laptop backpack featuring a fashionable bicolor design. The elegant color that combines gray and black matches not only casual outfits but also office casual outfits. It can be used not only for private use but also for commuting to work or school.

There are two storage compartments, a main storage and a storage space for laptops. In addition, the upper part of the back is equipped with a quick access pocket that is convenient for storing smartphones and regular storage. It is also a point that a fashionable rain cover is built in the bottom. A recommended laptop backpack that can be used without worrying about the weather.

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