[Easily] How to send a voice message on iPhone 14?

For those who are looking for a way to send voice messages on iPhone, iPad so that they can quickly send messages via extremely convenient voice on their high-class iOS device, then you’re in the right place. Because today in this article we will explain you how to send a voice message on iphone.

Quick Solution: Open Recording application> Click 3-dot> Share> Select Message> redirected Messages interface> enter recipient ‘s name> Send.

◆ How to send a voice message on iPhone ?

We will have ways to perform the steps to send voice messages on iPhone as follows:

Step 1 : Open the Recording application from the main screen of the device, here we will click on the 3-dot icon in the right hand corner of the screen with the recording file you want to send.

Step 2. And if your device has not done, or has no recording, click on the red icon to record your voice message.

Step 3 : Next, an options panel will appear on your iPhone screen, here we will click on the Share item and select the Message icon to be able to send voice messages on iPhone. , iPad.

Step 4 : Immediately, the system will switch us to the Messages interface on iPhone, you will need to enter the recipient ‘s name in the To section. And finally to be able to send messages on iPhone, iPad we will click on the Send icon to complete this.

After just a few simple steps, you have finished sending voice messages on iPhone already.

◆ How to send a voice message on iphone using the Messages app ?

  1. Open the Messages app on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Tap an existing chat or tap the pen-shaped button in the upper right corner to create a new message.
  3. Enter the recipient’s name, then under the message compose section, click the gray sound wave icon on the right to record.
  4. Long press and speak your message
  5. When finished, release your hand. You can click the triangle Play button to listen to the voice message you just recorded. If you’re not satisfied, you can press the X button to cancel that voice message and re-record another one.
  6. Click the up arrow icon to send a voice message.


If you are the recipient of the voice message, tap the triangular Play button to listen.

By default, the message will last for 2 minutes and then delete itself after the recipient presses listen. However, you can choose to keep or archive the voice message.

◆ How to send a voice message on iphone using Voice Recorder ?

Step 1: Open the Voice Recorder app on your iPhone

Step 2: Click the red circle button in the middle to start recording.

Step 3: When the recording is complete, click the red square button to end the recording.

Step 4: At the recording you just made (here is New Record 2), click the 3 dots button and then select Share.

Step 5: Click on Messages.

Step 6: Enter the recipient’s name at the top and then tap the blue arrow button in the lower right corner to send a voice message.

◆ How to send a voice message on iphone using Messenger?

In addition, now there are many iPhone and iPad users who love and choose to use Facebook’s Messenger application to easily send voice messages on their iPhone and iPad. 

To be able to use the way to send voice messages on iPhone, iPad with this Facebook Messenger application , users just need to press and hold on the Record icon in the right hand corner of the screen as below to be able to do this. here it is.

Thus, we have just come together to learn about options to help users choose how to send voice messages on iPhone, iPad to quickly get the most convenient and easiest way to send voice messages on devices. their own.

◆ How to Send a voice message with the Voice Memos app ?

Another way to send a voice message is with the Voice Memos app. If you’re doing this on your Mac, you’ll need the latest version of MacOS, Mojave, which is when…

1) Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

2) Tap the record button , record your message, then tap the record button again (iOS) or click Done (Mac) to stop recording.

3) Share the message by tapping the More button (three-dot icon) and then Share (iOS) or the Share button (Mac).

4) Select Message(s) and when the Message app opens, enter your recipient and send.

The great thing about using the Voice Memos app to create and share your message is that you can take your time and save it within the app for yourself too.


The sound recognition feature may be a reason to stop you from recording or sending voice messages. You need to turn it off once.
Follow these steps:
Setting > “Accessibility”> Sound Recognition> turn off the toggle.

Another issue is the Outdated iOS device system, which may be responsible for triggering this issue.

If your voice text is not working, you must check your microphone; this may be the reason behind it.

How to know whether the microphone is working: Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone and record a voice, then hear whether it is properly working. If sounds are not clear, you need to repair your microphone. If it sounds appropriate, you need to see if any software update is pending.

Yes, you can send a voice memo on iPhone. According to apple.com, you can share one or more recordings with your friend and contacts using AirDrop, Mail, Messages, and more.

If you didn’t set up before follow these working steps:

Click “Set Up Now> enter password(prefer 4-6 digits)> Enter the password again> choose “Done.”

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