3 Steps: How to backup MacBook to iCloud?

Your Mac is filled with important photos and applications. It suddenly breaks and the data cannot be restored! It would be the worst when it comes to that. So this time, we will explain how to backup Macbook to iCloud.

◆How to backup MacBook to iCloud in 2022?

It’s convenient to backup macbook to iCloud because you can manage data from multiple devices in one cloud.

You can easily backup all the macbook data to iCloud by following steps:

  • Make sure you have the latest version. Open the App Store and see if updates are available. If so, update it!
  • Click on the“System Preferences”

  • The sign-in screen will appear, click on “sign-in”.

  • Enter your Apple ID and password.

  • If you have forgotten your ID or password, click below the password entry field and reset it.

  • Check the items you want to save.

Check the items you want to back up. Then it will be backed up automatically. If you want to restore your data, just sign in to iCloud again. It is good to be able to access not only from Mac but also from iPhone and iPad.

◆ How to backup Macbook using Time Machine?

Time Machine is a backup function built into your Mac.

  • Every hour
  • Every day
  • Every week

Once you set it, it will automatically back up at the above fixed timing, so it’s very convenient.

What to prepare:

  • Macbook
  • External device (HDD)

HDD is indispensable for Time Machine. Be sure to choose one that is compatible with Mac!

  1. Connect an external device.

First, connect your HDD to your Macbook! Insert it firmly so that it will not come off during backup.

  1. Select a backup disk.

Click “Open Time Machine Preferences” from the ” Time Machine” mark on the menu bar. Then, a screen like this will appear. Click “Select Disk”. Select an available disk and press “Use Disk” to complete the setting.

  1. Back up

At this point, the rest will be backed up without permission.

If you back up for the first time, it will take time, but if it is the second time or later, it will end soon because it only updates the previous contents.

It doesn’t make sense if you can back up but not restore the data.

We will also explain how to restore it!

  1. Select “Enter Time Machine”.
  2. Specify file to recover data. When you enter Time Machine, you will see this screen. The date and time are written on the right side, so select a specific date and time and press “Restore” to complete.

◆ How to backup macbook using third party app?

This method is recommended for those who want to restore data other than Apple products.

This time we used one of the services, Dropbox !

The free version can only upload 2GB, so be sure to save only what you need.

By the way, the paid version will have a capacity of 2TB for 1,200 yen / month.

  1. Install Dropbox. First , go to the Dropbox installation page and install it!

If you have already installed it, you do not need to install it.

  1. Login or create a new account

You can log in or create an account with your email address and password.

  1. Upload file

Once you are logged in, select the file you want to upload. This completes the role of the old computer.

  1. Download the file and complete

On your new computer, log in to your Dropbox account and download the files you need.

◆ FAQs

Q.1. How much space do I need for backup ?

Apple advises:

  • See how much space is occupied by all the files that need to be copied;
  • Reserve at least 2 times more space.
  • You can find out how much space is in the cloud by clicking “Manage” and then clicking “Change storage plan”.
  • You can see how much space files take up on your Macbook like this: go to the Apple menu and select “About this device”, and then open “Storage”.

Q.2. Where are backups stored on macbook ?

As is clear from the above, the copied data can be stored in the MacBook itself, on an external device, or in the cloud. When needed, they can be restored. From iCloud, you can download everything again, and transfer the iTunes library from your Macbook to another device.

Q.3. How to restore everything using the integrated Time Machine utility ?

Connect the data disk to the PC (personal computer) and turn on the device.

Launch Migration Assistant. It will show options for transferring information.

You must select the one that will move the data to the Mac from the TM reserve, and click “Continue”.

Q.4. How to restore in TM ?

Connect the drive to the Mac and turn on the laptop.

Hold Cmd + R while the download is in progress.

In the window of the utility, you should mark the restoration from a Time Machine backup and confirm the choice.

Designate the disk on which the duplicates lie. This action also requires confirmation. If the media is encrypted, you will be prompted to release the lock. You will need to type the administrator password, and then click “Continue”.

Mark the section in the Macbook storage where you want to send the data, and click “Restore”.

◆ Conclusion:

This time, we explained how to backup Mac. Because Mac is very easy to operate, various data tends to accumulate. Of course, there are important documents and photo data in it.

That’s why you need to back up in the right way. Please check this article carefully and continue to cherish what is important.

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