3 Steps: How to hide taskbar windows 10?

By default in Windows 10, the taskbar is always displayed at the bottom of the screen. Icons, buttons, clocks, etc. are displayed on the taskbar. With the “Automatically hide taskbar” function, you can always hide the taskbar and show it only when you need it. This article shows you how to hide taskbar windows 10.

◆ How to hide taskbar windows 10 in 2022?

If you want to use the screen of the display from corner to corner, enable the “Automatically hide taskbar” setting.

When enabled, the taskbar is not always visible, the windows 10 taskbar is visible when the mouse cursor is in the direction of the taskbar (usually at the bottom of the screen), and is automatically hidden when the mouse cursor is released.

  • Right-click on an empty area of ​​the taskbar.

  • And click “Taskbar Settings”

  • In the menu to open the taskbar settings screen.There are two setting points, “Desktop mode” and “Tablet mode”.

  • If you are using a desktop computer, laptop , or tablet in desktop mode, turn on“Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode”.

  • If you are using in tablet mode, set “Automatically hide taskbar in tablet mode”.

Be sure to set in the mode you are using. Even if you set it in a mode that you are not using, it will not be reflected.

When the setting content is set to “On”, it will be hidden automatically.

When set to “Off”, it will always be displayed.

Even if the taskbar is set to be hidden automatically, the taskbar cannot be hidden while using the computer.

Make sure that “Hide taskbar automatically” is set to “On” in the taskbar settings. If there is no problem with the settings, try restarting “Explorer”.

Normally, the taskbar will be hidden even if you do not make any settings when you display it in full screen on a video site.

If the taskbar is not hidden when you display it in full screen on a video or game such as YouTube, try restarting “Explorer”.

How to restart explorer:

Right-click on an empty area in the taskbar to display the menu. Click “Task Manager”.

If the task manager is “simple display” as shown below, click “Details (D)” at the bottom left to switch to the details screen.

  1. Right-click Explorer on the Process screen.
  2. Click “Restart” in the right-click menu to restart.

* When you restart Explorer, the currently open Explorer will be closed automatically.

  • If you cannot improve by restarting “Explorer”, restart your computer.
  • If restarting does not help, try the “System Check Method” at the end.
  • If the taskbar suddenly disappears, check “Hide taskbar automatically” above.
  • If it is “off”, set it to “on”.
  • If it is “on”, turn it “off” and then “on” again.
  • If you still don’t see the taskbar, try restarting your computer with it turned on. If you still don’t see the taskbar, there may be a problem with your system files.

◆ How to hide taskbar by making the taskbar transparent?

There are two ways to make the Taskbar transparent: with native operating system tweaks , which make it partially translucent, or with third-party programs that make the Taskbar completely invisible on your computer.

With native solutions
  1. Click on the “Start” button and then on “Settings” (the gear symbol);
  2. Click on “Personalization” and then on “Colors”,
  3. Turn on the “Transparency Effects” switch.
  4. And ready.

This adjustment will make the bar partially transparent, depending on the color pattern and wallpaper, it will be more or less noticeable but still quite visible.

With third-party programs

Programs like Classic Shell allow you to freely change the appearance of Windows 10. So if you want to make the Taskbar completely invisible, you can use it.

  1. Go to classicshell.net, download and install Classic Shell;
  2. Type “Classic Start Menu Settings” in the search field and click on the corresponding icon;
  3. In the search field, type “task,
  4. Check the box “Customize taskbar” and the option “Transparent”;
  5. Click on the number next to “Taskbar capacity” and enter the value “O” (zero);
  6. Click “OK”. And ready.

That way, only the buttons, icons and search field will be visible from the desktop.

◆ Why can’t the taskbar hide?

The settings for hiding the Windows 10 taskbar are located in Settings – Personalization – Taskbar. It is enough to enable “Auto-hide the taskbar in desktop mode” or “Auto-hide the taskbar in tablet mode” (if you use it) to auto-hide.

If this does not work properly, the most common reasons for this behavior can be:

  • Programs and applications requiring your attention (highlighted in the taskbar).
  • There are any notifications from programs in the notification area.
  • Sometimes – explorer.exe bug.

All this is quite easy to fix in most cases, the main thing is to find out what exactly prevents the taskbar from hiding.

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