3 Methods: How to backup contacts on iPhone?

Although many people use whatsapp now, the contacts in the mobile phone address book are still very important as the necessary contact data for our daily communication. After switching to a new iPhone, many people want to export the contacts from the old iPhone and transfer it to the new phone, instead of re-entering them one by one. So it’s need a backup. Today, In this article, we will introduce you how to backup contacts on iphone.

◆ How to backup contacts on iphone in 2022?

Your iPhone contacts are precious and you can easily back them up with iOS.

To back up your contacts, you can either use the good old iTunes backup or rely on iCloud. To enable iCloud contacts backup:

1. Go to the Settings.

2. Click on the “Apple ID”.

3. Open the “iCloud”.

4. Make sure your contact tab Enabled.

5. Now click on “iCloud Backup”.

6. Just click on “Back up Now”.

Your contacts will now automatically sync to the Apple Cloud. You will find them on your other iOS terminals (iPad) but also on your Mac computers and why not PC if you install the iCloud connector.

Method 1: iCloud upload and sync contacts:

  • On the iPhone, click “Settings” to enter iCloud, “find Contacts” in the “Apps using iCloud “.
  • Tap and open, and merge the existing local contacts on the iPhone into iCloud.
  • In the future, if you accidentally delete the address book on the existing phone or log in to the same Apple ID with a new phone, just turn off the “Contact Book” in your iCloud and see the prompt “What should you do before?
  • In “Contacts synced with iCloud on iPhone” , select “Save on my iPhone” to save the contacts on iCloud on your new iPhone.

Method 2: iTunes backup contacts and export:

By using iTunes backup, you can back up all the data on the existing mobile phone, including your contacts, on the computer.

The steps are as follows:

  • Open iTunes on the computer, and then connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer with a data cable.
  • After iTunes recognizes your iPhone, click the “Phone Icon” location, then click “Summary” in the left navigation bar.
  • Check “This Computer” in the “Backup” column on the right , and click “Backup Now” , then iTunes starts to back up the iPhone.
  • After changing to a new phone, you can also use iTunes to “restore backup” to transfer all the data on the old iPhone to the new phone with one click. If you only need to restore the address book, you can directly check Method 3.

Method 3: Data Frog Apple Recovery Expert Export Backup and Restore Contacts:

With the help of Data-frog Apple Recovery Expert, it is easier to save and backup all the data on the iPhone on the computer, including the address book on the iPhone, and you can also select all iPhone data such as photos, videos, and chat records with one click.

Step 1: After downloading and running Datafrog Apple Recovery Expert, select [Recover from iOS Device] mode by default to enter the main interface, connect the phone to the computer and click [Start Scan].

Step 2: You can see [Address Book] in the scan result. After selecting all, click the [Restore] button at the bottom right to export the iPhone address book in HTML, Excel, VCF , etc. on the computer.

If necessary, you can also export photos, videos, chat records, etc. on the iPhone with one click and save them on the computer.

In addition, for the second method (using the iPhone data backed up by iTunes), the user of the backup file package formed after the backup cannot directly view it on the computer.

With the help of the “Recover from iTunes Backup” function of the data frog Apple Recovery Expert , you can directly open and view the contacts that have been backed up by iTunes on the computer, and restore the backed up contacts to the iPhone with one click, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.

◆ Summary
  1. If your iCloud space is large enough, method 1 is recommended.
  2. If you only need to back up on the computer and do not need to view it at any time on the computer, you can select method 2.
  3. If you need to save and view the iPhone’s address book on the computer, it is recommended to use method 3.

According to the feedback we received from users, the third method of use, that is, with the one-key operation of the data frog Apple recovery experts, to backup and export the iPhone address book is the most popular among users, because when exporting the backup address book, it can be used again. It is very convenient to save photos, chat records, etc. together.

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