7 Best silent mechanical keyboards in 2022

The “mechanical keyboard” has excellent durability as well as keystroke comfort. There are a wide variety of products on sale, so many people may be wondering which one to buy. So this time, we would like to introduce a recommended silent mechanical keyboard. So, let’s see the list of best silent mechanical keyboard.

◆ Best Silent mechanical keyboards in 2022

  1. Logitech Mechanical Keyboard K835GPR

A red-axis mechanical keyboard that can be installed in a space-saving manner without a numeric keypad. Achieves a smooth keystroke feeling. Since the typing sound is small, it can be used without hesitation even at night.

One of the attractions is that it is easy to type because of the angled design. It has excellent durability to withstand 50 million keystrokes and can be used for a long time.

It is also recommended for those who want to emphasize cost performance because it can be purchased at a relatively reasonable price. It also has a modern and stylish design, so it matches any PC. If you’re looking for a sophisticated mechanical keyboard, check it out.

  1. FILCO Majestouch2 Mechanical Keyboard FKBN91MRL / JB2

A red-axis mechanical keyboard that supports N-key rollover, which allows you to input firmly even if you press multiple keys at the same time. Since it uses a Japanese layout, you can input comfortably.

The keystroke is about 4 mm, which is designed to be deeper than a general keyboard. Since the contacts are located about 2 mm down, it is also attractive that there is plenty of room for operation. With a simple design, it can be combined with various PCs.

  1. e-elemental gaming keyboard Z-88

A compact red-axis keyboard with 81 keys. Since the angle can be adjusted in 2 steps, it is easy to type letters. You can comfortably type for a long time.

Since it is laser-engraved, it is also attractive that the characters do not fade even after long-term use. Since it has passed the keystroke durability test of 50 million times, it is hard to break and can be used with confidence.

The point is that it uses an RGB backlight and can produce the appearance of a gaming keyboard. The connection method is wired with a USB cable. If you are looking for a model that you can use for a long time and have a high cost performance, please check it out.

  1. IClever Gaming Keyboard G01

Numeric keypad-less red-axis keyboard. A light key touch is realized, and you can enter characters comfortably. It is also recommended that the typing sound is modest.

It is also characterized by its ergonomic design and ease of use. The drip-proof design makes it perfect for those who want to work on a PC while drinking a drink. Since the keycap is laser engraved, the letters do not become thin and can be used for a long time.

  1. ASUS Gaming Keyboard ROG Falchion NX

A compact 65% layout keyboard that is easy to install in a small space. The English layout is adopted, and the compact size is realized while leaving the arrow keys that are frequently used. The left side is equipped with a convenient touch panel that allows you to adjust the volume and switch apps.

For the switch, the red axis of “ROG NX mechanical switch” originally developed by Asus is adopted. The actuation point is 1.8mm. Achieves smooth and stable keystrokes. In addition, it is also attractive to use the “ROG PBT Double Shot Keycap” that provides a highly durable and comfortable touch.

The connection method supports wired connection by USB and 2.4GHz wireless connection using a USB receiver. Achieves a maximum battery life of approximately 450 hours when connected wirelessly. In addition, it also supports macro recording and N-key rollover.

  1. Logitech Gaming Keyboard G512-TC

A mechanical keyboard equipped with a numeric keypad that makes it easy to enter data. It supports USB pass-through and can be used for both charging and data transfer. It uses a highly durable aluminum alloy that is also used in aircraft, and it is also attractive that it can be used for a long time.

The simple and stylish design is also a point. The LIGHTSYNC technology, which allows you to choose the lighting from approximately 16.8 million colors, makes your keyboard vivid. Recommended for those who are looking for a highly durable and convenient model.


An ergonomic arched design makes it an easy-to-type mechanical keyboard. The thick iron plate chassis gives you a profound feeling of keystrokes.

It is also attractive to have various convenient functions such as N-key rollover and multimedia functions. The USB cable for connection can be selected from the three directions of the main unit and pulled out, so you can place the keyboard in any position you like. It has a simple appearance, so it is also recommended for use in business situations.

  1. FILCO Majestouch Convertible 2 HAKUA FKBC108ML / JMW2-AKP

A versatile mechanical keyboard that can be used both wired and wireless. Since it is equipped with a numeric keypad, it is attractive that it is easy to enter data.

When connecting via Bluetooth, it is possible to connect to 4 devices. This is convenient when you want to connect to multiple PCs or tablets.

The color of the main body is matte white, realizing a refreshing and stylish appearance. Recommended for those who are looking for a mechanical keyboard with excellent functionality and a stylish design.

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