How to download Hulu shows (View Offline)

Want to download the hulu shows or video so that you can use hulu on the go!” In this article, we will explain in detail the download procedure of hulu for such people with a lot of images. It also tells you what you need to know before downloading and common reasons why you can’t download the videos. So, let’s start how to download Hulu shows.

◆ Steps to download hulu shows in 2022

By now, you should have understood the points to note when downloading. So next, we will explain the detailed procedure for downloading hulu videos.

1. Go to the “Search”,

2. Tab to select “Downloadable” from the list.

3. In the Downloadable hub brows your category like TV, Movies, Kids and more,

4. When you’ve located something you’d like to download, click to open it.

5. Just tab the “Download icon” to get it started.

6. Click to Downloads icon, find your downladed items.

7. Access all the downloaded items, when you’re offline.

Following this steps you can download your favorite shows and movies. But in the  hulu app, you can face some limitations. Below we discussed about it.

◆ How many time I download Hulu shows?

First of all, with hulu, there are five points to be aware of before downloading a video, so let’s check them in order.

* If you want to know how to download first, please check here.

  1. Some videos can only be downloaded up to twice a year

Some videos on hulu have a limited number of downloads, and some can only be downloaded twice a year.

Therefore, for those who say, “There are works that I look back on several times a year!”, There is a limit to the number of times you can play offline, so be careful.

Also, hulu has a limited number of videos that can be downloaded, and can only download up to 25 works.

However, if you can download 25 videos, you can enjoy the video enough, so few people will find it inconvenient.

  1. Up to 5 videos can be downloaded at the same time

With hulu, even if you think “Let’s download anime at once!”, You can only download up to 5 at the same time .

Therefore, we have to download it in several parts, which is a bit of hassle.

However , if your home WiFi is fast, 5 animations will be completed in about 1 minute and 30 seconds, so let’s download it quickly using the home net.

  1. The downloaded videos cannot be seen after 30 days

Videos downloaded on hulu will no longer be viewable after 30 days and will have to be downloaded again.

Therefore, if you are thinking of downloading dramas and animations at once, we recommend that you watch them as soon as possible.

Also, videos that have been played offline will expire after 48 hours.

However, if you start the app while connected to the internet, the viewing deadline will be updated automatically, so don’t worry.

  1. Can’t download videos on my computer

Hulu’s work cannot be downloaded on a computer. The devices that support the download function of hulu are as follows.

  • Android smartphone / tablet
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Amazon Fire tablet

Basically, please think that you can only download with the smartphone or tablet app.

  1. Download is not recommended if you do not have a WiFi environment

If you want to play offline with hulu, download it on your home WiFi.

The reason is that downloading with a smartphone takes time and consumes a lot of data capacity (giga).

If you want to download videos on hulu, please use your home WiFi.

◆3 steps to play downloaded video on Hulu

  • Step 1. Open the top page
  • Step 2. Tap “My List” at the bottom of the app screen. Then, the downloaded videos will come out.
  • Step 3. Tap the work to play it!
  • You can play the video offline by tapping the videos in My List.

◆ Reasons why you can’t download videos on Hulu

Even if you follow the steps up to this point, if you still cannot download for some reason, the following causes are possible.

  1. Some works cannot be downloaded
  2. Delivery of the work will end within 30 days
  3. Have canceled hulu
  • Cause 1. Some works cannot be downloaded

Some works are not available for download on hulu.

For example, the popular “Nizi project” cannot be downloaded.

Please check if there is a download button to see if it is the target work for download.

  • Cause 2. Delivery of the work will end within 30 days

Even a work that says “I could have downloaded it before …” will not be able to be downloaded if there are 30 days left until the end of distribution .

Therefore, if there is a work you want to see in offline playback! Those who say, let’s use other video distribution services.

  • Cause 3. I have canceled hulu

The last possible cause is if you have canceled or logged out of hulu .

In that case, please be careful as you will not be able to download the work.

You can check the contract status of your account by tapping the “Account” button on the hulu website.

If you haven’t made a payment and would like to download the video, please update the payment information.

◆ Summary

Download the hulu video so you can watch it right away when you have time outside.

Even if you’ve only watched videos at home, please download your favorite works on your smartphone or tablet. We really recommend it because you can make effective use of the gap time outside!

Since you have registered with hulu, please enjoy the video more by using the convenient functions.

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