[Private] How to hide your number when calling?

The way to hide your number when calling others is very important and useful for everyone. Sometimes you may want some people not to know your phone number, as some people sometimes need to hide their phone number when calling a specific person for some reason, and to hide the knowledge of your caller and protect your privacy, Below, we will show you how to hide your number when calling.

Quick Solution: Open settings> Phone icon> Show my caller ID> Choose ID> Turn off the Show my Caller ID toggle.

◆ How to hide your number when calling in 2022?

The method of hiding your number when calling others helps you to get rid of the inconvenience that you may be exposed to from one of the annoying or intrusive people who you have previously called for some reason or for work and call you back, and easily you can hide your phone number when calling others and make it appear them as a private number.

Some telecom companies may provide the “Private Number” service, which takes on the task of making your number private so that it does not appear to anyone when calling them. At the same time, some third-party applications offer the service of anonymizing the caller’s identity for free, and enjoy the feature of the private number and it will appear on the screen as a private number.

You can easily block your phone number and hide your caller ID for every call you make by changing the settings on your device, both Android and iOS phones allow you to hide your caller ID, making you appear as No Caller ID, Private or Blocked on every phone screen Someone you’re calling, here’s how to hide your number:

  • Open Settings app on your phone.


  • Scroll Down and click on “Phone”.

  • Again scroll down and click on “Show my Caller ID”.

  • Choose any of your sim from here, (I saved Mobile data and Business as a sim name)

  • Now turn of “Show My Caller ID”.

You can use one of the applications that hides the number and identity of the caller, most notably the following:

  1. Download Caller ID Hide Phone Number app
  2. Once installed, access your contacts via the app
  3. Choose the contact you want to hide your number from before calling 
  4. Then make the call.

Some people hide their numbers using the google voice application, which provides you with a new 10 digit number to make a call without showing your original number to the other party, here’s how to do it:

  1. Install the google voice application on your phone from the following link here .
  2. Once installed, click on get started.
  3. Create a Google account and if you have an account, add your account information.
  4. Click the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen, then skip adding a phone number to your account.
  5. Click on the setting, then select the choose option, then choose the city and a special code for your number, or you can choose a number from the list of available numbers.
  6. Click on the Next option and add your phone number, and your phone number will be verified.
  7. From the main page of the application, click on the Call option, then call any number, and your actual and real phone number will not appear when calling.

◆ How to hide your number when calling using ‘private’ number?

Lots of smartphones support the number masking feature, here’s how to do it for Android phones:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your phone or Call settings.
  2. Select Call settings or Contacts and scroll down to select More settings or additional settings depending on your device.
  3. Click on the Caller ID option, or you can click on the Show Caller ID option instead.
  4. Select the Hide Number option, then go to Settings from the main phone screen.
  5. Scroll down and select the phone, then click on the Call option.
  6. Click on Show My Caller ID. After doing this step, the previous option will be turned off and the phrase No Caller ID will appear when calling others.

◆ How to call with a hidden number?

You already know how to call a hidden number on iOS and Android, but it’s good to know that this setting applies to each and every outgoing call . To do it individually, there is a code that you can dial in the phone app that is used to hide the call that you are going to make immediately.

By applying this code, the number will only be hidden for the calls in which you enter it. In the rest your number will be visible

The code varies depending on the country. For example “#31#111222333”, without the quotes. The caller will receive the call, but the number will be hidden.

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