3 Ways: How to save photo as pdf on iPhone?

We often need a way to save photo as PDF or convert images of documents or worksheets, as well as school exams and files at work to PDF, so that we can use them again in an easier way such as printing or sharing via social networking sites, or via iCloud. So, today in this article we will explain you the easiest way to save photo as PDF on iphone.

◆ How to save photo as pdf on iphone?

There are many programs that convert images to PDF, but unfortunately they do not work well, and you cannot share the converted image to PDF, so we worked on providing a way to convert images to PDF without programs and through the iPhone itself, through simple steps:

1. Go to the Photos app on the iPhone.

2. Select the image to convert.

3. Then click on the share icon at the bottom of the image.

4. The image appears with a set of options, choose Apple Books.

5. Click on the Apple Books option to convert the image to PDF.

6. To be transferred directly to the book file on the phone, if you are using the book file for the first time, click on the Continue option to be able to use the program.

7. To show you the image in the books file, click on the three dots at the bottom of the image.

8. Click on the three dots to convert your photos to pdf.

9. To make sure that your images have been converted to PDF, an options screen appears for you, you will notice that the image has been converted to a PDF document.

◆ How to save photo as pdf on iphone using third-party applications?

Your iPhone probably contains a lot of photos in different formats; There are images captured with the camera in HEIC format, screenshots saved in PNG format, and images that you have uploaded in JPG format. But no matter what the image formats are, sometimes you may need to convert them to the PDF format that is universally used. Let’s say you have a number of photos and you want to combine them all into one file to present to your university or workplace, in this case you can try one of the methods we discuss below:

  • Method 1: Use the photos app to save photo as PDF

From the iPhone’s main interface, launch the Photos app and go to the album containing the photos you want to convert. Next, press the Select button in the upper left corner of the screen, and choose one or multiple images to convert to PDF. When finished, click on the Share icon in the bottom bar. In the Actions menu, scroll to the bottom and tap the Print option.

On the Printer Options screen that appears next, perform the zoom gesture by stretch-ing the image with your index finger and thumb as shown in the image above. This will convert the image to PDF instantly.

And if you have multiple images selected, all items will be converted (and combined) automatically. You can then tap on the Share icon and choose whether you want to share the file with your WhatsApp contacts, transfer it to another app like Google Drive, or tap Save to Files to store the file on your iPhone’s local memory.

  • Method 2: Use the Files app to save photo as PDF

iPhones come preloaded with a Files app to manage all kinds of files stored on your iCloud cloud or your phone’s local space. This application contains a number of great features that replace many external applications, including creating a PDF document from an image or a group of images. The items you want to convert to PDF must therefore be accessible from within the Files app.

All you have to do in the beginning is to open the Photos application and select the photo or group of photos that you want to convert, then click on the Share icon and from the list of actions click on Save to Files and select where this photo (s) is stored. Then open the Files app and go to the place where the photo(s) are located either on iCloud Drive or on the iPhone.

Now press the Select button and select all the photos and then press the ( … ) button from the bar at the bottom of the screen. In the menu that appears, choose Create PDF. You can then find the converted PDF file in the same place. You can preview it, move it to another location, or share it with other apps and contacts.

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◆ How to save photo as PDF on iphone using free websites?

There is no need to download third-party applications to convert images to PDF on iPhone because there are free sites on the Internet that allow you to convert your images to PDF online, such as:

  1. Smallpdf:

Smallpdf is one of the famous sites on the Internet, which provides the user with the feature of converting images to PDF online for free, and you can convert images to pdf for iPhone via the site as follows:

  • Open the smallpdf site in your browser.
  • Click on select files to upload the images to be converted.
  • Then press the Convert button and wait a few seconds.
  • The images have been converted to pdf and you can download them to your iPhone or save them to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  1. ilovepdf . site:

We move to the second site featured with ilovepdf, which can be relied on to convert your photos to pdf online for free. Here are the steps to use the ilovepdf site and convert photos to pdf:

  • Open the ilovepdf website via the iPhone browser.
  • Upload the images to be converted to PDF format.
  • Click on the Convert to PDF button.
  • Wait a few moments for the process to finish.
  • Download the images in PDF format to your device.
  1. Jpg2pdf site-:

jpg2pdf provides a free online tool to help you convert an image to pdf without a problem. Unlike other sites that provide the same service, jpg2pdf allows you to convert any image to a PDF file without restrictions on size or the need to create an account and login as you will not find Watermark the images you have converted to PDF and all this while preserving the image quality. Here’s how to use the site:

  • Go to the jpg2pdf website.
  • Upload the images to be converted to PDF format.
  • You can upload 20 images and convert them if you want.
  • Click the download button below each image to download individually.
  • Click the COMBINED button to convert the images and upload them into a single PDF file.

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