15 Best Useful iPhone cool widgets

Widgets have become a fundamental aspect of iOS since its launch. Apple has been able to create some exquisitely designed widgets and the developers have done their job. We can download thousands of widgets on our iPhone or iPad from the App Store , and we have compiled the best widgets that you can have on your Apple devices. So today in this article we will look at the list of useful iphone cool widgets.

◆ List of Usefull iphone cool widgets

Widgets are like small applications that we always have at our disposal. We have widgets with which we can create different widgets, and also very cool apps with their own built-in widget . Here are the best widgets that you can download on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Widgy:

This is one of the best widget maker apps for iPhone , and best of all, we can access tens of thousands of widgets created by the community. Thanks to this app we can download cool widgets like an Apple Watch face , even Mickey Mouse face , Android 12 widgets and many other cool widgets.

2. Widgetsmith

Another great app to create widgets , although in a slightly different way, it is simpler than Widgy, and therefore allows more classic and simple designs, it is much easier to use. With this app you can have any type of widget you want, changing the format, colors and fonts to your liking.

3.Fuji weather and clock widget

This is a great weather forecast app that has some very interesting widgets. The official iOS Weather app is really good, but with this app you can have access to different layouts. One of the best weather widgets for iOS.

4. –(Yidget)  White space widget

This app is perfect for creating blank spaces on our home screen so that we can place apps almost wherever we want. This app uses our wallpaper and cuts out the widget to create a mock white space . It is a great app that we have already told you about.

5. Google:

Google has its official app for iOS, and the widgets are great. The search engine app has a quick access widget to search for what we want within the app just by touching it. It is one of those widgets that you have to have and you use Google often.

6. Social Widgets:

If you are passionate about social networks, this widget is for you. You probably know that the number of followers on a social network is important , and with these widgets you can have your followers on the home screen of your iPhone. A widget that allows us to see updated information about the number of followers in our different social networks.

7. WidgetPod – Music Widget

In iOS there is a widget that is not entirely useful, and that widget is the Music widget. This widget isn’t all that useful because it doesn’t have playback controls to skip between songs. but that’s where WidgetPod comes in, a widget with music controls that’s compatible with Apple Music as well as Spotify.

8. Cloud Battery – Battery Widget

Another very interesting widget that we have already reviewed , perfect for those who have multiple Apple devices . This widget allows you to quickly see the percentage of battery remaining on your iPhone, iPad or Mac easily and at a glance.

9. Hidgets – Health Widget

Health is very important and the iPhone is a device capable of storing a lot of health data. Apple does not offer a native health widget on iOS, but with this app we can easily achieve it. This health widget is great, ideal if you want to lead a healthier life.

10. Twidget – Twitter Widget

Twitter does not have an official widget for iOS, but luckily we have third-party apps that allow us to have them. Twidget provides 3 different widget sizes , each providing different data. Each widget can also be customized using the 3 themes: light, dark and blue.

11. PHOTO ALBUM – Photo Widget

The iOS photo widget allows us to have a memory of our random photo library always available, this is fine, but we cannot select the photos that we want to appear. That is solved with this widget that will allow you to select a photo album to play in the widget.

12. MemoWidget – Memo Widget

It is a widget to create personalized notes and not forget anything . The best thing is that it allows a lot of customization, and we can choose the background color or photo. A perfect widget for the most clueless, write down what you don’t want to forget in a widget.

13. FotMob – Sports Results Widget

It is a sports results app that allows you to configure a widget with different themes . We can have live results of our favorite matches, access to news about our teams and news related to football.

14. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is known by everyone, and on iOS it has several interesting widgets of different sizes . We have widgets with the photos of the day, with events that happened on that day and with the most read articles.

15. Bring! – Shopping list widget

One of the best apps to make the shopping list, which also has a dedicated widget with our list . In this way we can see at a glance in a widget the list with everything we must buy.

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