How to scan QR code on iPhone screen? (2022)

The iPhone is a perfect tool for reading QR codes, those types of elements that hide from web pages to restaurant menus.  And you don’t need an app to read any QR code in front of you: Apple includes everything you need on your iOS device. Today, in this article we will explain you how to scan QR code on iPhone screen.

◆ How to scan QR code on iPhone screen?

QR codes are very useful for sharing information, such as contact cards or access to the WiFi network.  To read them you need a phone, although an application is not essential: the iPhone has everything you need to capture them on the fly.  For the scan QR in a Doc, photo things change, but it is not much more complicated either: we recommend a simple way to read them.

Apple introduced the possibility of reading QR codes with iOS 11, the 2017 version. In this way, mobiles gained a native reading system, but always on the fly and using the camera.  In other words, you can’t read the QR code of a photograph saved on the reel, you can see what the QR hides by pointing the iPhone camera.

There are two ways to read QR codes on iOS devices without installing apps: with the native camera option and via the web.  Let’s start with the first:

1. Open the iPhone camera app.

  1. Point the camera at the QR. Keep enough distance so that the code can be seen clearly.
  2. The camera will automatically read the code and show you what it hides on the screen.  If it is a text you can search for it on the web (also copy it from the search box);  if it is a link you can click on it to open it in Safari.

This is the quick and easy way to access QR code scanning on iOS devices with a camera.  With the camera application you have enough, although you may be looking for an alternative way.  And without downloading apps from the App Store:

  1. Open Safari and go to this web page: a QR code reader will open(It may be not available when you rad this article).
  2. Click on the share icon and then on ‘Add to home screen’. Confirm with ‘Add’: the QR page is a Progressive Web App. It will be downloaded to your iPhone like any other app, although it is browser-dependent.
  3. Once added to the start, you just have to click on the icon every time you want to read a QR code: the progressive web application will open to scan it.

With the progressive web application you have a real QR code reader on your mobile and without having downloaded anything from the App Store: you use Safari at all times.  The problem is that there is no way to read the QRs that are in a photo: if they sent you a code by message, and you want to read it from your iPhone, you will have to use a separate application.  Or capture it from another phone, a cumbersome option that you won’t always have available.

◆ How to read the QR of a photo on the iPhone?

 To read the QR of the images, an application is necessary since there is no way to obtain the function natively.  There are many apps that are worth the task, most of them full of ads and even subscriptions (yes, subscription to read QR codes, the absurd). 

After sifting through it, we settled on NeoReader: it’s free, it doesn’t have too many ads, and it’s as good for capturing QRs with a camera as it is for reading them from a photo.

Once you have NeoReader installed, open the application, avoid the location permission (the app works the same) and click on the camera icon, at the top right.  Choose the image you have in the gallery and NeoReader will reveal to you what its QR code is hiding.  Of course, you will have to go to the ‘History’ section, at the bottom of the app: there you will find the list of readings.

By scanning a QR code, you can open a link to a website or social media account, display a YouTube video, display a coupon, or display contact details.

Advertising is probably the most common use of QR codes. Brands can add a QR code to a billboard or magazine, for example, that sends users to their website or to a landing or coupon page. This saves the user the hassle of typing in a long URL or writing it down on paper. The advertiser benefits from real-time results where the user immediately visits your website instead of waiting for the user to get home. or, worse yet, forget about him altogether.

Another use is through a virtual store, in which there is a large touch screen in a public place, such as a subway station or a square. Shoppers can scan the items with their smartphones and receive them at the time and place chosen. .Each piece has a unique QR code and works with a mobile application that stores payment and shipping information.

QR codes are often used to transfer cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Some cemeteries around the world have started adding QR codes to headstones to make it easier for visitors to locate the grave.

It’s good practice to only scan QR codes from companies you trust for security purposes. A hacker could link a QR code to a malicious website that appears legitimate but instead steals your personal information when you try to log in .Also, be sure to check the URL before entering your credentials, which you should already be doing anyway.

◆ Best QR Code Reader App for iPhone

Quick Scan – QR Code Reader free app is a complete app that can read QR codes in the world and from images in your camera roll.

You can also add contacts to the calendar, open links and locations on the map, and add events to the calendar app. You can save the codes for future reference, and the app has unlimited storage. All you have to do is open the app and point to the QR code you want to scan. If it takes you to a URL, you’ll get a notification that you can tap.

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