[6 to 14 series] How to save audio from WhatsApp on iPhone?

We will explain how to save audios from WhatsApp and the process to be followed to complete this operation on Android and iOS or on your computer, the WhatsApp Desktop mode so that later applications can also be used on WhatsApp Web. So, today in this article we will explain you how to save audio from whatsapp on iPhone.

Quick Solution:

Open autdio chat> tab and hold, then click star> Tap profile mane> Starred messages> Edit> Select audio> share> Save to files> Save>

◆ How to save audio from Whatsapp on iPhone 2022?

In these three cases we will explain the process step by step. All these features will come in handy when someone sends you a relevant audio and you don’t want to depend on WhatsApp to listen to the audio. With these steps that we will provide, you can play as many times as you want from the audio file, without hanging up on the connection or WhatsApp.

Let’s follow the steps:

1. Open the Audio chat from your WhatsApp.

2. Tab and hold on the Audio, then click on ‘star’.

3. Click on the ‘Name’.

4. Now visit ‘Starred Messages’

5. click on “Edit” from the top right corner.

6. Select the audio and click on “Share iCon”.

7. Tab on the “Save to Files”.

8. Now chose your Audio file destination and click to “save”.

After that you can access this audio file any time you want. This steps are 100% working. If it works for you, please share this article.

◆ How to save audio from WhatsApp on Android?

On Android, this process is simple. The first thing you need to do is select the audio you want to download by pressing your finger until it is highlighted. When you are done, click on the option to share and when you select one or more messages, the option will be displayed on the top bar of WhatsApp.

You’ll see a native Android menu and be able to share content in other applications. Here, what you need to do is read your phone’s file explorer to tell you what audio you want to save on your device’s memory.

Then, in the file explorer, you need to select the folder where the audio is saved. However, the situation is usually that you have to access the root folder of the mobile storage and then you can move to the folder you want to choose.

◆ How to save audio from whatsapp on Windows?

On your computer, the methods on WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web are the same and much simpler than the operations on mobile devices. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the audio in WhatsApp and click on the arrow icon that will appear when you hover over the mouse.

Clicking the arrow icon will open a menu with options related to the message. In this menu, click on the “download” option to continue downloading the audio file.

When you click download , the file explorer will open native to your PC. In it, simply choose the folder where you want to download it and click ” save “. That is, and then when needed, you can open the explorer again or move it like other documents.

◆ How to listen to WhatsApp audio without letting know the other person?

The process to follow is very simple, since it is only necessary to follow the steps that will be said below: First; We must have a conversation with you on WhatsApp so we are forced to appear frequently on the WhatsApp menu.

With this done, all you need to do is listen to what others are saying, and listen to your own words. You can do this by creating a group just for you.

The first thing you have to do is to  send WhatsApp  to yourself,  as we have already said. To do it, you just need a web browser on your smartphone or computer via WhatsApp. What you need to do is type in the browser the address  wa.me/TELPHONENUMBER in which you need to change the phone number for the number, taking into account that you need to  include the country code  but without the + sign in front . So, if he did it from Spain, it would be; wa.me/34 PHONE NUMBER.

This will take you to the WhatsApp web page, where you will be asked if you want to talk to this number via WhatsApp. After clicking on the  chat  you can continue to reach and write to you with  more messages in order to send . When you do what you do that WhatsApp eyes  like contact seems to suggest you when it is with the person most mutual.

Then you will have a conversation, in which the message of the hearing of that person, whom you want to hear, but who does not know what you heard, is found. in it you will have  to choose the audio without listening  then click  before sending the  message to another contact. It is important to choose the option to send to another contact on WhatsApp and not only communicate with the functions of the operating system itself.

Once you have clicked on the  front  , you will need to  select yourself  so  you can hear the message  . You can only see the section   from the top, so if it doesn’t show up, come back to chat with yourself and write more messages until you see it.

By making predictions and sending an audio message to yourself, you will be able to listen to the audio without anyone else knowing. The reason is that when you listen outside the conversation with the message sent, it will not affect the status of the message he sent you, so you will hear a copy of it. This will prevent the original message highlighted in blue from appearing.

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