3 Steps: How to remove Siri suggestions?

After some initial confusion about the iOS 10 lock screen, you can find yourself using the lock screen widgets in iOS 10 to check your calendar, a sports score or the weather — all without having to unlock your phone. Even a single lock screen allows you to quickly call your home or your wife’s text. Since all of these tools help you out, Siri’s app suggestions — the two rows of “suggested” apps that appear on the lock screen — are unnecessary. So, today in this article we will explain you how to remove siri suggestions.

◆ How to remove siri suggestions?

With iOS 10, you will receive app suggestions from Siri on iPhone and iPad, which will be displayed on the lock screen, in the notification center and in some cases also in the task overview.  However, the icons for these suggestions are indistinguishable from those of the “Handsoff” function, which lets you switch seamlessly between, for example, an iPhone or MacBook when writing an email.

  1. Open your setting on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap “Siri & Search”.

3. In the “Siri Suggestions” section, turn off each of the Siri suggestion options you want to disable.

4. you can also remove it from Application. Click on the app’s whatever you want. then Turn off all suggestions.

Siri tries to suggest apps that match your user behavior.  For example, if you mostly surf in a news app after getting up, it will be displayed to you at the time you usually use it.  If you always listen to music via Spotify on the train on your way to work, your iPhone will show you this app as soon as you are on your way.  While the feature of iOS 10 may be useful, it makes part of your user behavior visible directly on the lock screen.

The app suggestions on the lock screen, in the notification center and in the task overview can only be deactivated together.  They are all based on a single widget.  This can be found in iOS 10 if you swipe to the right on the lock or home screen.  If you have not yet rearranged or set up any widgets yourself, you will see the “Siri App Suggestions” near the top of the list.

To deactivate the app suggestions, scroll down to the bottom of the widget overview and tap on the “Edit” button.  Then look for “Siri App Suggestions” from the list in the next window and tap on the red minus sign that you see to the left of the widget name.  After that, iOS 10 will no longer show you any further suggestions.  However, if you still get it, it might help if you turn your iPhone or iPad off and on again after making the change.

If you want Siri to show you the suggestions again or you have accidentally deactivated the widget, the change can be undone quite quickly: go back to the widget page by swiping to the right from the home or lock screen.  Tap “Edit” and look for “Siri App Suggestions” under the “More Widgets” tab.  Tap the plus sign to re-enable the iOS 10 feature.

  • Remove Siri Suggestions from the Lock Screen

The Siri App Suggest widget is enabled by default in iOS 10. Fortunately, it’s just a tool, so removing it is easy.

You can’t remove or rearrange widgets on a locked phone, so unlock your phone and swipe right on your home screen to view your widgets. Next, scroll to the bottom and click the Edit button . You’ll see a list of gadgets at the top and a list below other gadgets that you can add to the lock screen.

Find Siri Suggestions in the list and tap the red button on the left, then tap Remove on the right to remove it from the list. Don’t forget to click Done in the top left corner to save your changes.

  • Remove Siri Suggestions from the search screen

When you pull up the home screen (or any other screen for your app icons), it calls up the search screen. Below the search bar are the same Siri suggestions as you’ll find on the lock screen widget. If you are not using this to launch apps, you can disable it.

Just Go to Settings> General > Spotlight Search and tap to turn off the toggle at the top for Siri Suggestions . When you disable it, you will see the search bar and nothing else on the search screen.

◆ How to remove siri suggestions Completely ?

To finally get rid of the Siri app suggestion, you need to go to Settings > Siri & Search. If you only want to disable Siri app suggestions for a particular app, swipe until you find the app. Tap on it and toggle on the option that says Search, Suggestions & Shortcuts.

Sometimes you want peace and quiet, which means getting rid of all notifications. If you don’t want apps to appear as Siri Suggestions, you need to go to Settings, and if you just swipe down you should see the Siri Suggestions section. Disable all these options so that all app suggestions disappear.

Siri can also try to drag suggestions into the Today view screen widget. If you also want to get rid of it, go to your home screen and swipe right until you see Today View.

The list with the red circle on the left are the apps that will appear in Today’s View. Find the option that says Siri App Suggestions and tap the red circle with the minus icon. If the option is not in the first list, look for it in the bottom list, with the green circles on the side. Suggestions from the Siri app might already be turned off.

◆ Summary

You can disable Siri’s app suggestions on iOS 10 completely or not at all.

The reason for the suggestions is a widget that is enabled by default.

Swipe right from the home or lock screen, scroll down and tap “Edit”.

In the next window, use the red minus icon to delete the “Siri App Suggestions” widget.

Restart the iPhone or iPad if you’re still seeing suggestions on iOS 10

You can reactivate the widget by swiping right from the home or lock screen, tapping “Edit” at the bottom and selecting the plus sign next to “Siri App Suggestions” under “More Widgets”.

◆ Conclusion

Siri app suggestions are here to help, but sometimes the only thing they end up doing is cluttering up your screen. Siri might not offer you anything because you are perfectly capable of finding the app you need when you need it. By following these steps, you won’t have to deal with suggestions from the Siri app.

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