Instant: How to turn on iPhone 12 reverse charging?

In a new document filed with the Federal Communications Commission, Apple reveals a possible reverse charging function on iPhone 12. For the moment, it would simply be disabled. So, today in this article we will explain you how to turn on iPhone 12 reverse charging.

◆ How to turn on iPhone 12 reverse charging?

So it would seem that all iPhone 12s have this feature. With reverse wireless charging, the device can charge accessories such as AirPods. All you have to do is put them on the back of the iPhone to start charging.

Discovered by Jeremy Horwitz of VentureBeat , the FCC filing refers to the new MagSafe protocol introduced with the iPhone 12:

“In addition to being able to be charged from a desktop WPT charger, the 2020 models also support 360kHz WPT charging to charge any external Apple accessory in the future.”

The function described could allow you to recharge MagSafe accessories connected to the back of the iPhone 12. We imagine that this could perhaps concern the next generation of AirPods. In practice, AirTags or the case of future AirPods could integrate a MagSafe function to allow charging directly from the back of the iPhone 12. The same would apply to other accessories compatible with the MagSafe protocol.

In theory, reverse wireless charging could be enabled on the iPhone 12 . Apple would then only have to release a software update. On the other hand, it is still too early to know if and when Apple intends to do so.

In any case, there is no doubt that such a function would be highly appreciated by users.

Apple has launched a new accessory dedicated to the latest lineup of iPhones equipped with a MagSafe magnetic connector, it is a powerbank capable of increasing the total battery capacity of the iPhone 12 family.

The peculiarity of this accessory, in addition to what seems like a cost that seems disproportionate to the capacity of its battery, is that it shows us how the iPhones 12 are able to support reverse wireless charging.

The Cupertino-based company presented a new accessory called MagSafe Battery Pack compatible with the entire iPhone 12 product family. The operation of the accessory is quite particular and would unlock the reverse wireless charging functionality that the latest Apple smartphones would be capable of.

When magnetically connected to the back of the iPhone, the MagSafe Battery Pack uses its energy to gradually recharge the smartphone, effectively extending its overall battery life.

 If you later need to recharge the accessory, you can proceed in three different ways:

By connecting only the powerbank to the Lightning charging cable, the most classic method:

By connecting the MagSafe Battery Pack to the cable while it is hooked to the iPhone, this allows you to recharge both products (recommended a power supply of at least 20W)

By connecting to the iPhone 12 cable while it is attached to the accessory, in this way the smartphone will also charge the powerbank via reverse wireless charging

This last way of recharging the battery pack reveals that the MagSafe charging coil and the circuit that regulates it in the iPhone 12 are perfectly capable of activating reverse wireless charging to share some energy with other smartphones or accessories.  Does this mean that we will soon see an AirPods model capable of charging in this way?  Hard to say but it would be really comfortable!

Unfortunately, Apple MagSafe Battery Pack has a very high cost.  On the brand’s official website it is offered at a price of 109 euros without cable or power supply included, a figure that will allow you to have a powerbank in your hands with the capacity that the company claims to stop at a paltry 1460mAh.

However, there is a clarification to be made.  When we talk about mAh we usually refer to the voltage of the classic 3.7V of the lithium ion cells used in power banks.  In this case, however, Apple uses 7.62V cells, bringing the total capacity of the accessory to 11.13Wh, a value not far from and even higher than the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Calculating the inefficiency of wireless charging, however, it is possible that the Apple powerbank is able to recharge about 70-75% of the battery of an iPhone 12, a value that would increase in the case of the iPhone 12 Mini but would significantly decrease with the iPhone 12 Pro. Max.

◆ Conclusion:         

Not really a bargain at first glance then, but we are sure third-party resellers will not miss the opportunity to bring their own similar solutions to the market that perhaps will be able to guarantee users a little extra autonomy.

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