(40mm/44mm) How to change the clock on apple watch?

Since Apple Watch is a digital display, you can change the clock that displays the time to your liking. You can change or add it, and customize it to organize the information you want to see. So, today in this article we will explain you how to change the clock on apple watch.

◆ How to change the clock on apple watch?

Since Apple Watch is a digital display , you can change it to a watch face of various designs.

A clock board that displays only the time is fine, or a clock board that displays the date, weather, temperature, UV index, etc. in addition to the time!

As well as the clock board , it also has various complications (functions and information) , so you can create your own clock board.

Speaking of Apple Watch, you can freely change the clock. Find out if you have a clock board that you like in the gallery, and add it if you like.

You can add a clock board from the Apple Watch itself or the iPhone watch app.Follow the steps below to change the clock on apple watch:

  1. Press and hold the clock face.

2. The clock board change / edit screen will appear, so swipe to the far right.

3. There is a new button, so tap +”.

  1. You will be able to select the official Apple dial prepared in advance. You can check the clock face one by one by sliding it down. Find your favorite clock. Some clocks only display the time, while others have a clock panel that allows you to visually see the temperature and UV index. You can also set the saved photo as the background of the clock board.
  2. When you find your favorite clock board, tap it to complete the addition.

◆ How to change the clock on apple watch app ?

Follow the steps below to change the clock on apple watch:

  1. Start the watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the dial gallery from the menu.
  3. Find your favorite clock face.
  4. Tap when you find your favorite clock board.
  5. Tap Add to complete adding the clock board.

It syncs to your Apple Watch in real time. You can easily change the clock face added to your Apple Watch. Slide left or right on the clock face screen.

The added clock face will be displayed, so you can complete the change by leaving it on that screen. If you open another screen and switch to the clock face screen again, the changed clock face will be displayed.

We have added a lot of clock boards to my Apple Watch. We downloaded a lot of additional downloads, so we want to delete them and organize them.

You can easily delete the clock face from your Apple Watch.

  1. Press and hold the clock face (dial) screen.
  2. Swipe the clock board from bottom to top on the clock board edit screen.
  3. Tap the delete button as it is displayed.
  4. The clock face is deleted.

If you accidentally delete it, add it again.

Apple Watch clock board has various complications (functions and information) arranged for each clock board, and you can get information visually.

For example, a clock face named ” Infograph Modular ” is packed with the following complications:

  • Time / date
  • Astronomy (Sun / Moon)
  • Sunrise time / sunset time
  • Weather / temperature
  • Activity
  • Add any app

You can check various information with just one clock face, and you can check details and make settings by tapping the complication part.

To customize the clock of Apple Watch, press and hold the clock face screen. Tap edit.

Each information part has a frame, and you can change it by tapping it.

  • Astronomy

Astronomy can switch the display of celestial bodies. You can display the positions of the sun, moon, and planets, and the shadows of the earth.

  • Date

You can turn the date display on and off.

  • Weather

You can swap the display of UV index, weather conditions, probability of precipitation, and wind direction.

  • Free frame

The lower three complications of “Infograph Modular” can freely switch apps and functions.

If you place PayPay , you can start the PayPay app immediately when shopping, so you can display the barcode immediately.

  • Change color

You can change the color of the clock face (dial) of Apple Watch.

Try turning the digital crown to change it to your favorite color.

Various complications (functions and information) are arranged on the watch face of Apple Watch, but you can customize it in detail with the iPhone watch app.

You can change the position and function of the complication depending on the clock board, so please check the clock board of your choice with the watch app.

Apple Watch clock boards range from simple to complex and cool with lots of complications.

If you are considering purchasing an Apple Watch, please check the watch face as you can enjoy changing the watch face and customizing it conveniently for a change of pace.

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