Best apple watch games that you really want to play

What are the best games for the Apple Watch ? Although the smart watch screen is what it is, we have compiled some of the best games that you can download and install on your Apple Watch and that will give you a good time. So let’s see best apple watch games

◆ What are the best games for the Apple Watch?

It is obvious that the Apple Watch with its tiny screen was not designed to play titles like Fortnite or similar in which you have to interact with the help of the screen. It is enough to observe the size of its panel and the management methodology, to realize that the interaction is limited in front of the mobile or tablet.

This has not prevented game developers from getting down to work and already have countless new titles, based on the huge user base that has already bought one of the different generations of Apple Watch.

That said, what are the best games for the Apple Watch ? The developers have had to work with the obvious limitations of the hardware to create something innovative and fun, bringing a great deal of skill and experience from other platforms to bear on the watchOS version.

◆ Best Apple Watch Games

  1. Snappy Words:

The game could not be easier and simpler. You get four letters to form words with just by clicking onthem. You have to manage to create as many words as possible in less than 30 seconds.

The minimalist aesthetic is very interesting, and one comes to think that it is the typical puzzle game that designer Jony Ive himself would have designed for the WatchOS platform.

Snappy Word is free and you have to be willing to put up with the barrage of ads that pop up on your screen. Ads on a wearable device? Yes, welcome to the future.

  1. Ping Pong – Watch Retro Arcade:

The game of Ping Pong hardly needs an introduction, since this classic with which many of the users started in their day with the most retro consoles, now adapts to the size of the watch on your wrist to be able to play from the Apple Watch.

The controls are very intuitive and use the digital crown to control the displacement of the bar with which you hit the ball and wait for the machine to miss. Very entertaining and addictive at the same time, plus you can get it for free.

  1. Mini Watch Games 24 in 1:

As its name suggests, the Mini Watch Games 24 in 1 guarantees real fun with a total of 24 mini games inside. It’s not completely free, but for what you pay, you’ll surely spend hours and hours in front of your watch screen.

It offers titles like Blocky Bird, Car Car, Tennis, as well as puzzle, action, card, racing, and sports games. Surely among all those included you will find more than one to get hooked on in your spare time.

  1. Pokémon GO!

Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch isn’t exactly the same as running it on the iPhone: You can’t actually catch Pokémon, but it will alert you to nearby Pokémon and Poke-stops and allow you to hatch eggs without having the mobile app open.

It will even record each session as a workout, encouraging you to walk further and faster than when playing on mobile.

It’s true that it’s not a standalone game – every time you’re notified of a nearby Pokémon or Pokestop, you’ll have to take your phone out of your pocket to interact – but it offers a very good interaction and user experience.

  1. Best Fiends:

It is a puzzle game in the style of the famous Candy Crush that usually triumphs among the most massive public. Players explore the lands of Minutia, trying to find treasure and avoiding dangerous obstacles.

Unlock rewards that can be used in the Best Friends app for your iPhone to upgrade your characters, discover new super powers, and defeat enemies.

  1. Cosmo Rings:

Developed by Square Enix, creators of other titles of great importance among the general public such as the role-playing games Final Fantasy or Secret of Mana, Cosmos Rings is considered to be the first role-playing game in the world developed for Apple Watch.

True to the Editorial Group titles, Cosmos Rings is playable in burst mode, so you can let sequences play out on their own most of the time.

The screen must be on for fights to take place, gradually progressing as you commute on public transport or have free time. With a little attention, the rewards and progress are greatly amplified.

The premium version might surprise you with additional elements, but the basic edition of Cosmos Rings also manages to hook you from the opening moments more than any other Apple Watch game.

After all, many of the best iOS games are the ones that incorporate their controls on the iPhone and iPad’s own touch screen. It’s hard for us to imagine Super Hexagon or Ridiculous Fishing being limited exclusively to the world of consoles.

Next, we compile the best games developed for the Apple Watch in their different versions and we add our opinion on the gameplay offered by each of them and how it is possible to combine it with the iPhone or iPad.

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