Perfectly: How to add commands on twitch as a mod?

Many times we enter some Twitch channel and we see a ton of icons and words on the screens of the broadcast channels we have subscribed to, and most of the time these words and icons don’t make sense to us and this is something that moderators and linkers can do on their channels.

These are commands , and they are responsible for giving instructions to the system to perform specific actions during transmissions. These commands are configured as we told you before, moderators or banners, to be able to control certain things to send.

➤Command types:

There are several types of commands that are predefined by the platform and are used specifically for specific situations, below, we will list what they are and who can handle them. Keep in mind that each of these commands will be expressed as: / command name, and this is how it is configured.

Basic commands for all users: These are available to all users of the platform:

  • Modify.
  • VIP.
  • the color.
  • WL.
  • unblock.
  • me.
  • Disconnect.
  • hiss.

Basic commands for broadcast creators and moderators:

  • Member.
  • time out.
  • Ban.
  • unblock.
  • slow.
  • slow.
  • Followers.
  • Fullersov.
  • Participants.
  • Subscribersoff.
  • Clear.
  • Uniquechat.
  • Unique Shatov.
  • Emoteonly only.
  • Emoteonlyoff.

Commands for exclusive use of broadcast channel creators/editors:

  • commercial.
  • Host.
  • shots.
  • raid.
  • Not afraid.
  • Marker.

Commands for exclusive use of live broadcast devices:

  • Ministry of Defense.
  • rude.
  • VIP.
  • UNVIP.

Apart from the previously mentioned commands that are in a virtual file on the Twitch platform , there are a series of commands that you can activate in a custom way.

◆ How to add commands on twitch as a mod?

The way to do this is as follows:

You must enter the specified section as “Commands”, later you will have to select the option “List of commands”.

A new window will open where you can enter the command you prefer, and these instructions will be written in a section that the system will provide for you, for this action. Then click on the “Create” option.

This will open a new popup where you have to write a brief review explaining the function of the command you created, in this text it is recommended to name the command. Press “Save”.

➤Support platforms:

If you want to create new commands, you can also use third-party platforms, among which we can recommend the following to you:

StreamLimits: With this, you will be able to completely manage everything that happens in the transmission, and create your own commands to more efficiently control the chat and all the elements associated with the transmission and your channel.

Nightbot: It targets psychics and does pretty much the same thing as the previous one.

Mutbot: Dedicated to creating commands that you will be able to use directly.

◆ How to add commands on twitch with Nightbot ?

After installing Nightbot , your chat will have an additional, interactive component. The program provides some default commands by default. For example, !game allows you to read or change the game currently being streamed, or !poll starts a poll. In addition, all commands can be displayed via !commands .

You can also use the latter input to create Custom Twitch Commands . To do this, you must have at least moderator rights and enter in the chat: !commands add !COMMAND MESSAGE . COMMAND Du replaces the trigger, MESSAGE stands for the desired text. Alternatively, bring up the menu shown in the image and click Add Command . A required user level, aliases and the cooldown can also be specified here.

◆ How to add commands on twitch with Moobot ?

The process under Moobot is very similar to that of Nightbot . Preprogrammed commands like !WatchTime for the time spent on the channel or a look into the future with !8ball are always well received by the viewers. At the same time, you can reach the Custom Commands tab again via the main menu , where you can create or edit your own Twitch Commands. For example, !socials is often chosen as the trigger , which then posts the streamer’s official channels in the chat.

◆ Why are commands on twitch used ?

With this you can manage the posts of your channel and your interaction with your followers during the live broadcast.

It will be able to interact with other channels and players.

They are a very valuable resource for moderators when doing broadcasts and everything goes best in chat and with followers.

You can also create specific orders to announce special events for you.

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