Easily Solved: How to delete add ons on PS4?

Have you ever played PS4 and felt that your hard disk is out of space ? Due to the increase in the size of game data in PS4 because of add ons, save data, download data, update data, and all the data necessary for game play are squeezing the capacity of the hard disk. So, today in this article we will explain you how to delete add ons on PS4.

◆ How to delete add ons on PS4?

Various data such as add ons, saved data, and media data such as screenshots, videos, and music are stored on the internal HDD of the PS4.

Among them, “Add ons” is particularly large in size, and even if it is no longer needed, it tends to sleep in the HDD.

Basically, you should delete unnecessary data, but first, let’s delete the “game data” that consumes space. It’s easy to do. You can easily delete add ons by following the below steps:

  • First, select “Main unit storage management” from “Settings” on the home screen.
  • You can check the data saved in the internal HDD by opening “Main unit storage management“.
  • Then select “Application“.
  • The data of games and applications saved in the main unit is displayed in a list.
  • Press the “OPTIONS” button on your controller and select “Delete”.
  • You can select multiple data, so select the data you want to delete.
  • After selecting, click “Delete” to execute.
  • You can now delete the “add ons“.
  • By the way, “game data” is different from save data, it is data for running the game stored in the main unit.
  • Even if you delete “Add ons“, the saves you have played will not disappear.
  • Delete titles that you haven’t played for a while and game data of software that you don’t have anymore. When it’s time to play again, you can install “Add ons” again .
  • Since the PS4 “add ons” has a capacity of tens of GB, you should be able to have a lot of room in the HDD capacity just by deleting it.


When erasing “add ons”, be sure to upload it to “online storage”?

Basically, if you delete the above “add ons”, there should be free space on the HDD capacity.

In that case, be sure to save the “add ons” to the online storage before deleting it.

It is no exaggeration to say that save data is the crystal of a gamer’s life. PS4 has an online storage function, so if you want to delete add ons, we recommend that you always upload it before deleting it.

* To use online storage, you need to be subscribed to “PlayStation Plus”.

To save “Add ons” to your online storage, select “Application Saved Data Management” from “Settings” on the home screen.

Next, select “Saved data in main unit storage”.

Select “Upload to online storage” and select the save data to upload.

By the way, you can save the save data to a USB memory or an external hard disk, but this time the theme is “Delete the data to free up space”.

The online storage of PlayStation Plus is very easy to use, so basically it is recommended to save it there.

However, please note that if you cancel PlayStation Plus, the data on the online storage will be deleted after half a year.

◆ What is add ons on PS4?

Add ons is an add-on to the game that adds variety to the game, savors the author’s creative wisdom, and extends the life of the game. Whether paid or free, add ons can create conversations among players and create new experiences. 

Whether it’s virtual gear, additional levels, special clothing and weapons, additional game mechanics or challenges, all can be obtained through DLC, and DLC for music games may also include new tracks or new dance moves. For developers, making DLC ​​​​is not only a profitable opportunity, but also indirectly inhibits the occurrence of second-hand transactions. According to Microsoft, if a player has ever purchased DLC for a game, the chance that the game will remain in their possession increases by 16%.

◆ Summary

PS4 has a lot of volume and graphics are beautiful, but it is a drawback that it puts pressure on the HDD capacity.

Deleting add ons also leads to stable operation. Please check the contents of the HDD frequently and live a comfortable PS4 life.

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