How to turn off auto emoji on discord? -2022

Emojis provide a great way to express our emotions in chat. Discord is one such app with an automatic emoji feature . If you don’t like this behavior, you can do it in the Discord app. Let’s see how to turn off auto emoji on discord.

◆ How to turn off auto emoji on discord ?

  • Turn off auto emoji on PC

The Discord desktop client offers a dedicated setting to turn off auto emoji. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Launch the Discord application on your computer.
  2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom.

3.Scroll down and click the “Text and Images” option in the left sidebar.

4. Turn off the switch next to ‘Automatically convert emoticons in messages to emoji ‘.

Go back and send a smiley. It will not be converted to graphical emoji. If you use the Discord web app, follow the exact same steps on the Discord website to turn off the automatic emoji feature.

The above method will turn off the automatic emoji feature for all smiley faces. What if you wanted Discord to convert most smiley faces to emojis, except a few? For this, another method exists. Simply start the smiley with backslash ().

For example, if you have to send :), send it like 🙂. Likewise, do the same for other faces you don’t want to convert to emoji.

  • Turn off auto emoji on mobile

If you navigate to the above settings Discord Android and iPhone app, you won’t find any option to turn off automatic emoji. Basically, Discord doesn’t offer native functionality in the mobile version. So how do you stop Discord from making emojis on your phone? There are three ways to achieve the same effect

  1. Disable automatic emoji from PC

In this method, you should be able to access Discord through your computer. That said, you’ll need to have a computer handy and disable automatic emoji as described above. Once you disable it via the desktop or web app, the same will change the Discord mobile app. Basically, the automatic emoji settings are synced to the mobile app.

Tip : Learn how to create your own emoji using the apps on Android and iOS.

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  1. Use backslashes to turn off automatic emojis

Similar to PC, you can stop Discord from automatically converting smileys to emojis on mobile by using a backslash in front of the smiley. Enter backslash() followed by smiley and send it. The smiley will appear without the backslash in the chat.

Note : Make sure to use backslashes () and not forward slashes (/).

  1. Use the Discord mobile site

If you don’t have a computer handy and want to turn off automatic emoji for all smiley faces instead of a few, you can do so from the Discord website on your phone. The problem, however, is that if you open from a browser on your phone, you won’t see the login option. The website will tell you to download the app. Fortunately, the same can be done by visiting the Use Desktop Website feature in your browser.

Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Open or in the browser on your phone. Log in with your account details. Once logged in, follow step 4. However, if the link doesn’t open, follow the next steps.
  2. Open in your browser. You may see the ‘Open Discord’ button in your browser. Click it quickly. If you miss it, refresh the page and try to click it quickly. Sign in with your Discord account details and follow step 4.But if you don’t see the option or have trouble clicking it, don’t worry.
  3. In Chrome, click the three-dot icon and check the box next to Desktop Site . The page will refresh.
  4. For Safari, click the Amino icon in the address bar and select Request Desktop Website.
  5. Click the Login button at the top of the Discord website and log in to your Discord account. Once logged in, scroll down the page and click the Settings icon.
  6. Click Text and images from the left and toggle off to ‘ Automatically convert emojis in messages to emoji ‘.

That’s it. After changing it from the Discord mobile site, the same settings will be synced to the Discord mobile app.

4. Use Pre-Added Smileys

If you like shrugs or desk-flip smileys, you don’t need to type every time. Type a forward slash and a list will open. Select the smiley face to send.

5. Quickly find emoji

To find an emoji quickly, type a colon (:) and enter a term that describes the emoji. A list of similar emoji will be displayed. Choose the one you want to use.

Emojis provide a great way to express our emotions in chat. While some people like to use graphical emojis, others don’t like them, preferring to use text-based emojis instead. While that’s perfectly fine, the problem arises when some apps automatically convert smiley faces to emojis. In other words, smiley faces are automatically corrected to graphic format after they are sent.

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