TOP 3: Best music bot for discord 2022

Best music bot for discord 2022

Discord is a very popular chat service that allows communities to meet online and chat. So, today in this article we will share with you the list of best music bot for discord 2022. That’s a pretty simple explanation for an app that has soared since 2015 and has more than 350 million registered users in 2021. But what if you want music while using Discord?

Well, the Discord music bot allows users to play music during a chat session. So whether you’re making a playlist for a game night with friends or need some background music for group study, music can turn Discord into a home for curated sounds.

◆ List of best music bot for discord 2022

Music bots aren’t without drama, though, with Google releasing a stop-and-go for two of the most popular music bots in the app, allowing you to listen to music from YouTube without ads. The two robots, called Rythm and Groovy, were replaced by the feature Watch Together. So, in our guide to the best Discord music bots, we’ve populated our list with music bots that are currently available for playing high-quality music.

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Here are the best Discord music bots:

  1. FredBoat
  2. MEE6
  3. Chip bot
  4. Hydra
  5. Look
  6. Professional robot
  7. BMO
  8. Octave

1. FredBoat

Fredbot is a free-to-use Discord music bot that streams music from popular sites like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Twitch. The bot also provides options for your playlists, such as shuffle, and the ability to choose to repeat just one song or the entire playlist — whatever you like. The built-in search feature allows users to search in Discord instead of the website, and FredBoat will find it for you. genius.

2. Chip bot

With 24/7 service, high-quality audio, and a range of controls from Chip prefixes to equalizers, Chip bot puts you in real control of your music. It’s free to use, and you can use Chip directly from your Discord server unless you sign up for the premium service and use the 80+ commands

3. MEE6:

There’s a reason why MEE6 calls itself “the most stable and intuitive music robot.” It provides a dedicated dashboard for searching, playing and replaying songs in the Discord server. There are plenty of addons for MEE6, though, as the bot can also be used for moderation, custom commands, and a bunch of utilities, making it one of the more diverse bots on our list.

4. Hydra

Self-proclaimed “The Perfect Discord Robot,” Hydra is an impressive robot on our list, and a multi-faceted robot. Extensive web dashboard with customization, feature-rich command list, and unique song request channel. There are many other features behind the bot’s premium services, such as 24/7 playback and autoplay, but that comes at a price. For many in the Discord-loving community, this is an advantageous option.

5. Look

Much like MEE6, Vexera is also a multipurpose service, with a series of commands that can be triggered via Discord, such as skip, start and stop a tune. Currently serving over 300,000 Discord servers, Vexera is a popular choice and is free to use.

6. Professional robot

Last but not least, the professional bot is a Discord bot with a variety of talents, from social commands to moderation, to welcome graphic design and, of course, music. It also supports over 13 languages ​​and has a 99.99% uptime, making ProBot a place on the list.

7. BMO

BMO gives you the option to use more than 300 commands. Using bots, you can gain access to games, utilities, image manipulation, gambling and HD music. Since our article covers the Discord music bot, the BMO functionality is pretty standard.

It offers standard features like ok search box to find your favorite songs, play and pause options, and the option to add your favorite tracks to the queue.

While you can use a variety of commands, it may take a lot of time to learn and use them. As far as its functionality as a music player goes, it’s quite useful and highly recommended.

8. Octave

Octave is a simple Discord music bot that has Spotify support as well as volume control apart from the usual features like play and pause options, search and playlists. You can access music from websites like YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, mixer, and Spotify.

The user interface is quite simple. To search for a song of your choice, simply enter the name of your favorite song in the search box. The bot will return with the top results from various streaming websites, and you can choose from the results.

This bot is configurable for the most part. Users on the server can choose to skip the currently playing song. The owner of Octave is Melmsie, and the chief developer is Aetheryx.

In addition to music, you’ll find Octave under tags like memes, media, and soundboard, to name a few. Overall, it’s an excellent Discord music bot for enjoying high-quality music on hundreds of servers.

So, that’s it, eight great picks for the best Discord music bots. Hope you can find one that works for you, to your ears and to your server.

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