[Easy Solution] How to make rules in discord?

Discord is a great application that allows you to create or join multiple servers and communities. Every server or community can have many users. Therefore, it is essential to maintain basic ethics to protect users from fraud. To this end, Discord offers the option to create rules for your server.

This helps moderators and server administrators handle inappropriate user activity. If you also want to create a server rule channel on discord, read this guide from start to finish. This guide describes the entire process of how to make rules in discord.

◆ How to make rules in discord 2022?

  • Open the Discord app and right-click on the left panel to create a channel.

  • Select Channel type among the text channels. Then enter the rule, click Channel Name , and create a channel.

  • Now go to the settings rule channel.

  • Now click on Permission then click on advanced permission options.

  • Here you need to turn on  channels , read message history , turn off send messages . Finally, click Save Changes.

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  • Integration,Then click Merge to create a webhook.

  • Give this webhook any name you like. Click Copy the URL of the webhook. Then save your changes.

  • Visit Disco Hook Click on the website from your browser and clear all button to delete pre-added information. Then paste the copied link into the URL of the webhook.
  • Click Embed 1 Then click to fill in the body rules and description. You can also add different colors to the rules.
  • In the Embed section after entering all the rules in , the system displays all the rules in the right pane.
  • Click Send Button for implementing these rules in the rule channel.
  • Click and then click the submit button to see the message.

◆ Why should I create rules on discord?

The first and main reason to add a rules channel in Discord is to set limits for your member. When you take on the role of administrator of a server, it is also your job to ensure that all members are comfortable. By creating a rules channel, you can set restrictions for the member.

If someone decides to join the server, they will first have to comply with all the rules established by the administrator. This will help establish a safe environment for members to interact. It will also define the structure and plan how things will be done within the server.

To create a rules channel in Discord , you need to open Discord on your computer and follow the steps in the following order:

Go to your server and click on the drop-down menu next to your server name.

  1. Click on “Server Settings”.

Activate the Community to make administrative changes.

2. Begin.

We will have to go through a series of security checks. Check the required verified email address and media content of all members analysis.

3. Select “Next”.

If there is no previously created rules channel. You can click “Create a channel for me” and select “Next”.

We still have the last “finishing touches”. Check all three boxes.

  1. Select “Finish Setup”.

You will now be able to go to the membership screen to continue the process of adding rules.

  1. Configure member filtering.
  2. Select “Get Started” in Server Rules.

Add multiple security rules and pave the way for creating a rules channel in Discord.

  1. Select “Save”.

Add your server rule description.

  1. Tap “Enable”.

Your changes are now saved automatically. You can now successfully create a rules channel in Discord.

◆ FAQ’s

Q.1. How to add rules on discord ?

You can add rules on discord by this:

  • Click on “Permissions”;
  • You can add members or positions by clicking the “+” button next to “Positions/Members”;
  • Release or block the functions by checking the options in the checkboxes (green tick indicates that the permission is active; red, that it is blocked).

Q.2. What are the discord rules ?

For the best interaction between members , Discord has the following rules :

  • Do not post dubious material.
  • Don’t tag people unnecessarily.
  • Do not use inappropriate language.
  • Do not make unauthorized disclosure.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Use channels properly.
  • Do not post illegal content.
  • Don’t create riots.

Q.3. How to make custom rules on discord?

It can be quite fun to write with the “strikethrough” as an ironic form of self-censorship.

To write the strikethrough, add two tildes (~~) before and after the text.

◆ Conclusion

This tutorial was a quick guide to creating a rule  in Discord. This is the easiest way to create a rule channel so that all or future users can read the rules on your server. These rules help maintain the basic ethics and standards of your server. I hope you find this article useful.

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