Munites: How long does the iOS 15 update take?

Usually when Apple releases a new update for the iPhone, the most prominent question is “How long does the iPhone update takes?” “And this period does not change much from the version of the iOS version to a new version in terms of the time factor, and it may be the only change in the size of the update version that is released. If the size of the version is large, it will certainly take more time than usual. So, today in this article we will explain you how long does the iOS 15 update takes.

◆ How long does the iOS 15 update take?

If you are updating the operating system version from IOS 14.x to the higher version IOS 15, the update period will be very small, especially since the size is only 100 MB, and the list of changes that you will get will be very short, and therefore you will not feel that there is a big difference in use.

In the case of updating from a version before that to IOS 15, this means that you will get a lot of features, but you will certainly get a long time in the available update process, especially in the case of manually updating the iPhone , in addition to getting updates related to the Corona virus.

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And in the event that you decide to move to the new version of IOS 15, this means allocating a lot of time to follow the installation and upgrade process correctly on your current device, and it advises you in the beginning to do a pickup of all the important content you have on iCloud or iTunes so that you can return this Content in case an error occurred during the update process.

  1. In the case of doing a pickup or backup of the iPhone content, this will require you on average 15 minutes, depending on how you will get the backup.
  2. In the case of downloading the iOS version 13.7, it will take an average of about 10 minutes.
  3. In the case of installing the iOS version 13.7, this requires you from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

And it can be said that the average total time to download the iOS 13.7 version is about half an hour.

  • Before you update the iPhone what to do:

There is a guide that can be viewed in order to update and install the latest version of IOS and it is available on the official website of the iPhone, and you must be ready for the update, which may take more than half an hour, by having the phone charged well so It does not disconnect during the update process, and the mobile must also be connected to the Wi-Fi network in order for the update to take place without any problem.

This previous data is the most important in addition to making a backup of all the important files that you have available to you, whether photos, videos or documents, especially and that if something goes wrong during the update, you may lose all the data available on the mobile.

  • After updating the iPhone what to do:

After completing the process of updating and installing the iPhone, you will need to do the basic steps, which is to do the work of logging back into the iCloud, so you have to remember well the email and password, and also re-login to the various applications available on your phone and set up Google Pay To pay on the phone.

In most cases, you also need to see the data available in the mobile phone, such as photos, video clips, documents, and audio files.

◆Top iPhone iOS 15 update features

The iOS 15 version comes with a lot of security and privacy means, especially in the Safari application and also in the user’s front end. In the Safari browser, there is a lot of privacy information that you can see to deal with the web better.

The App Store also provides data and information about understanding the privacy policies of any application before downloading it from the store, and an indicator will appear at the top of the screen in case the camera or microphone application works without you noticing.

  1. Fix problems from the previous version

In the event that the phone suffers from many problems in the version of IOS 14, you can now get the new version in order to obtain a solution to such problems, including:

  • The battery dies quickly.
  • There is a malfunction in the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Bluetooth connection problem.
  • Randomly restart applications.
  • The phone freezes.

Especially since the updates that come in the operating system from IOS 14 to IOS 15, the main purpose of which is to obtain additional security means in addition to solving the problems of previous versions.

  1. Get Apple Watch OS 7

If you want to get the latest version of the new Apple Watch 7, you can do the update now in order to run the smart watch on the latest version.

  1. Get extras on the screen

In the new version, there are many tools that can be added to the main screen, and also the availability of many sizes with the possibility of rearranging them as appropriate for you.

There is also the suggestions feature, through which you will get a lot of suggestions for tools to be added to the screen, such as weather add-ons, rain add-ons, and many more.

  1. Get an improvement in the Messages app

In the iPhone Messages application, many new emojis have been added, including hairdos, head coverings, face coverings, and many other emojis, with the possibility of rodo on messages directly, including the main message.

  1. Improve translation app

The translation application is now able to operate better, through translation without the Internet, with the addition of many languages ​​to this application, and the privacy of the translation will be preserved without the need to turn off the Internet connection, and this application supports many languages, including Arabic and English And Portuguese, Brazilian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Sometimes iPhone problems are not solved until after learning how the iPhone software works , and the problem is also enabled in the case of the iPhone format while it is locked

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