How to make Twitter account public (Mobile & Desktop)

Do you no longer want  to have a private  Twitter account ? You may have made your account private, but now want to change it to a public account. Making a Twitter account public is very easy and you can do it if you follow the steps presented below. So, let’s see how to make twitter account public.

◆How to make Twitter account public 2022?

Like Facebook or Instagram , Twitter is a social network. You can create a personal profile, just like for your company or your association and follow the news of other people, or other companies and associations.

When you create a Twitter account, it is set to public mode by default. This means anyone can see your profile and what you post on it.

You may have wondered what you need to do to make your account public. The process to make your account public is not that difficult and you can do it by going to settings and making some small changes in the Security & Privacy section. Just follow the steps below and you should be all set.

  • Make Twitter account public on Mobile:

  1. Open the Twitter app and tap your “profile icon” in the top left.

2. Tap on “Settings & Privacy” when the list of options appears.

3. Tap on “Privacy and Safety”.

4. Tab on “Audience and tagging” 

5. Disable the green “Protect your Tweets” button so that it turns gray.

twitter Private and public

  • Make Twitter account public on Desktop

  1. Open Twitter and click “More” on the left side.
  2. Click on “Settings and privacy” after a list of options appears.
  3. Click on “Privacy and security”.
  4. Click on “Audience and tagging”.
  5. Uncheck the blue “Protect your Tweets” box so that it turns grey.

◆ What does it mean to have a private twitter account?

Before performing this operation, it is important to take stock of what switching your Twitter account to private mode entails.

This implies that other users will have to send you a request before following your account. So you have the option to approve or decline. Your tweets can only be seen by profiles you have approved.

You should also remember that your tweets cannot be retweeted by people who are not part of your community, just as if you wish to respond to tweets from people who are not part of your subscribers, they will not see not your message.

Anything you tweeted when your profile was public will become private and will only be visible to your followers. Finally, it is also worth noting that your tweets will not appear in Google searches unless the search is made by someone you have authorized to follow you.

◆ Why does people make their account private?

In summary, making your Twitter account private and protecting your tweets is a way to interact only with your followers, that is, the people you have authorized to follow you.

It’s a way of protecting your privacy from people you don’t want to be visible to, or from your employer, for example.

Today, by typing a person’s name on Google, you can see a lot of information about the person, including tweets. Making your profile private also helps prevent your tweets from showing up in Google searches.

◆ Conclusion

Making your twitter account private is not irreversible. To make your Twitter profile public again, you just have to uncheck the “Protect my tweets” tab

The messages that you broadcast on your profile are called “tweets” and it should be noted that their length is limited, 140 characters to date. You also have the option of tweeting on the profile of someone you follow or not, by replying to a tweet or by going to the profile and selecting the “Tweet” tab on your computer or on the small feather in bottom right if you’re on your smartphone or tablet. The person then receives a notification telling them that you sent them a message.

You also have the option of sending private messages. Twitter is a tool used in a personal capacity but also more and more in a professional capacity. As such, many people in the political sphere use the social network, as do many companies, many of which create accounts in order to provide customer service. It is therefore a social network that offers many possibilities, even if it remains less popular than the two giants Facebook or Instagram.

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