How To Download Google Family Link On iPhone: (Link Available)

Family Link is an application that aims to control children’s smartphones, developed by Google. Today in this article we will explain you how to download google family link on iphone. Through it, parents fully control the devices of children and teens. They can turn off the phone completely at a specific hour, such as the hours of sleep, food and study times to maintain the education and family order. This is the main objective of the Family Link application.

Parents can obtain the location of their child through the application, control his access to the Internet or cut off the network, and set a specific time through the application when the child is allowed to use Wi-Fi.

◆ How To Download Google Family Link On iPhone ?

Download Link

  • Language of this version: English
  • Version License: Free
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Operating System: iOS
  • Download from the following link

◆How to Download Google Family Link On iPhone through Website?

Here is steps if you want to Download Google Family Link On iPhone from website:

Visit the the official site through the given below.

Site Link

  • Here you can see the option called “Get App”(Right Top corner)
  • Now just click on “Drop Down” Mark.

  • After that you can see the Apple & Android Logo.
  • As a iPhone user you need to click on Apple Logo.

  • It will redirect you to App Store. Now click on “Get“.

  • Double click on Power Off/On button for  verification.
  • Done, you have successfully downloaded Google Family Link on iPhone.

◆ What is google family link ?

The trusted Family Link application from the famous Google company can specify the period of time you want to allow your child to use the smartphone and lock it after the end of the specified period immediately and automatically according to what the parents see.

The application allows you to prevent your child from browsing the Internet and only allow him to use games and download applications only.

It allows knowing the child’s location from within the FamilyLink application, quickly and easily, and you can also block some applications that are not appropriate for your child’s age group, making his use of the mobile phone more secure and effective in his life.

The Family Link app provides the ability to block certain websites that are not appropriate for your child’s age, such as porn, gory, and other websites that offer content that needs to be visited by adult visitors. You can also control the videos that are displayed on all the sites inside the phone.

The application allows you to specify the hour of sleep that you want for your child so that the phone is locked at the hour that you specify, the applications that have been downloaded from the store for your child’s phone can be selected and the applications that he uses and for how long they are used.

◆ How to use Google Family Link ?

First, you have to download and install the program on the parents’ phone, and log into the program through the father’s Google or Gmail account. Then the father opens a new Google account for the child so that they can monitor and follow them periodically and permanently. The father’s phone and the child’s phone must be connected to the Internet in order for the monitoring and follow-up to take place.

◆Best Features of Google Family Link App:

  1. Free, no subscription fees required.
  2. It is available in many stores, especially in the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  3. It has a simple designed and very effective interface.
  4. Monitor your child’s behavior on their mobile phone.
  5. Determine which applications can be downloaded from online stores.
  6. Prevent his entry to sites that do not fit his age, such as pornographic and bloody sites.
  7. Challenge the time to use the phone, the time to turn off, and the time to sleep.
  8. Keeps the child’s time system, making him use the phone effectively.
  9. The ability to block websites or videos that you do not want to appear on your child’s phone.
  10. Supports smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS.
  11. Available in many languages, including English, and others.
  12. You can locate your child through the application and quickly.
  13. The application always provides advice to parents on how to use and deal with updates.
  14. It has gained fame from all over the world because it is considered the first of its kind to offer this amount of features and services.
  15. The application informs parents about the applications that are used before and provides statistics on an ongoing basis.

◆ How to set up Google Family Link ?

Setting up your child’s Google account and device takes just a few minutes. Download the Google Family Link for Parents app on your smartphone and open the application immediately after completion. A brief introduction to the app and its functions follows.

This is followed by the setup in which you enter yourself as the administrator of the family group. So you indicate who uses this smartphone. Next up is setting up the device that your child will be using and that you want to supervise. The app will ask you if your child already has a Google account.

If a Google account does not yet exist, you must first set it up for your child. First, install the Google Family Link app for kids and teens on your child’s device. You will then be asked which device and account to supervise. A nine-digit setup code will then be displayed in the parent app, which you can use to connect your smartphone to that of your child.

After you have finally confirmed the correctness and entered the password in your child’s account, the child will be added to the family profile. As an admin, you can now make settings for your child’s smartphone from your device.

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