(Easy Way) How to delete apps on galaxy S6?

Deleting an application from your Samsung Galaxy S6 will free up storage space on the mobile. So, in the event that you no longer use an application or if it sends you too many notifications, it is possible to delete it. So, today in this article we will explain you how to delete apps on galaxy S6.

◆ How to delete apps on galaxy S6 ?

You can delete an app from the Home screen, Play Store , Android’s settings menus, or from an app manager.

Here we discussed one of the easiest ways to delete apps on galaxy S6.

  • Just click on Apps icon.

  • Now you need to long press and hold the App.

  • Hold and drag the app to uninstall,(At tha top you can see the Uninstall option)

  • Click on Uninstall to delete apps from galaxy S6.

◆ How to delete apps on galaxy S6 using application manager ?

The Android configuration menus also allow you to manage your applications, and in particular to delete them.

1) Exit Play Store to return to Android Desktop. Pull down the notification bar, then tap Settings → Applications.

2) Tap Application Manager.

3) The list of phone applications appears on the screen:

  • The Downloaded tab lists applications that you have knowingly downloaded to your phone.
  • The Running tab lists the applications currently in use.
  • The All tab lists all the installed applications, ie the applications you have downloaded as well as the system applications, which are essential for the proper functioning of Android.

4) Tap the app you want to uninstall, Facebook in this example . Uncheck the Show notifications option if you no longer wish to receive notifications from this application.

  • Force stop : Allows, as its name suggests, to force stop a running application, which is sometimes necessary when an application is blocked or no longer works.
  • Uninstall : Allows you to uninstall the phone application. Be careful, uninstalling an application does not necessarily delete any folders and files created in memory… By browsing the memory, you will surely find folders referring to applications that no longer exist. If you are sure of what you are doing, you can delete these folders to clean up the memory a bit.

If you accidentally delete a folder used by an existing application, the latter will then recreate the required files and folders (in the best case!), but you will probably lose some context elements related to the application itself. If an application no longer works at all, uninstall it, then reinstall it!

  • Delete data : allows you to delete from memory certain information related to the intrinsic functioning of the application, for example: no longer display the General Conditions of Use, memorize a username and password so as not to have to re-enter each time you use the application, memorize choices or options that you have checked and which are specific to the application itself, memorize the browsing and/or search history of the application, memorize the personalization of an application, settings, messages.

If, for example, you delete data from the Facebook app, on next use you will need to accept the End User License Agreement, enter your Facebook email and password, and read the tips promulgated by the application.

  • Clear cache : Some apps “cache” content to load data faster. This is the case of the Google Chrome browser , for example. You can therefore delete, without danger, the cache of an application.
  • Clear defaults : tap this button to clear default actions that have been associated with an app.

Uninstall through Playstore:

1) Launch the Play Store app then open the left side menu and select My Apps to access the apps you have downloaded on your phone.

2) The Installed apps tab lists the apps on your Galaxy S6 (excluding system apps). These applications are listed in order of the most recent updates, then in alphabetical order.

3) The All tab lists both Galaxy S6 apps, apps you tested (ie installed then uninstalled) and apps installed on another Android device (another smartphone or tablet) with the same Google account. These apps are listed in order of installation dates (newest to oldest), which can be handy for identifying a recently installed app.

  • Installed : Indicates an app installed on the Galaxy S6.
  • The “cross” : indicates an application that you once installed then uninstalled, or an application installed on another Android device (tablet, other smartphone) with the same Google account.

4) Find the app to delete and tap it to open a new screen. Select Uninstall or Open to run it.

◆ How to disable an app on galaxy S6 ?

Some apps developed by Google can be disabled, but not uninstalled from the phone. Only disable a Google app if you’re sure you don’t want to use it. It’s best to avoid unnecessarily disabling Google apps.

In the example below, I disable Google Search (the Google App widget allows you to launch a Google search directly from the Android desktop).

1) Pull down the notification bar, tap Settings → Applications → Application Manager and then open theDownloaded tab . Search for the Google app.

2) Press Disable. to deactivate the application.

3) If you want to re-enable the application, return to the Application Manager screen → Disabled tab (far right). The tab only appears when you have at least one app disabled. This is where disabled apps are located. Tap the app and re-enable it.

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