What do star levels do in clash royale? (New Point System)

In Clash Royale, it is possible to collect stars, but what exactly are they for ? What is the real use of star levels ? We will try to give you the answer in this article. So, today in this article we will explain you what do star levels do in clash royale.

◆ What do star levels do in clash royale in 2022?

The term “star level” simply refers to improving the appearance of cards in the game. Similarly, the star level of a game is a game element that makes a card shine without affecting bonuses or features. Players can acquire these game elements after reaching King Level 6 in the game.

The various cards in the game can currently include Star Level 1, Star Level 2, and Star Level 3 cards. Similarly, the star level of the game provides a golden particle effect and golden clothing, armor, weapons, or other elements when the player uses the card in the game.

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By playing Clash Royale on iOS and Android mobile, it is possible to collect stars by giving or improving cards or by reaching king level 13.

Some players are also wondering what these stars can be used for and you will be able to use them to unlock great looks for your cards at maximum level, as explained by Supercell on the Clash Royale site.

If you want to have stars, you will have to reach king level 13 either by giving or improving cards in the game. These stars will be useful to you in order to unlock new appearances for your unit cards which are at the maximum level as explained by Supercell ( source ). This novelty was released in December 2018 at the same time as others such as world tournaments or even private tournaments based on the old tournament system.

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In addition to the methods mentioned above, it will also be possible to obtain stars by buying maximum level cards on the Shop or by exchanging exchange tokens as explained on the Clash Royale Fandom ( source ). Note that cards you’ve collected that are high enough to level up to max level, but haven’t leveled up, won’t give you stars.

Your golden stars (or starred levels) are used to improve the appearance of your favorite units. This is actually the only way to acquire what might be called map skins . In December 2018, the possibility of obtaining specific appearances for our cards was integrated into the game, via Star Levels. There are three distinct tiers of starred tiers.

  1. The first star changes the visual effect of your card’s deployment, as well as the border of the card.
  2. The second star changes the appearance of the map in the arena.
  3. The third star drastically changes the appearance of the map in the arena.

Of course, the cost in gold stars increases according to the Star Level you want to reach . An upgrade to Star Level 2 will therefore cost more than an upgrade to Star Level 1.

◆ How to earn Star Points in Clash Royale?

There are two very specific methods of earning Star Points in Clash Royale. Once your profile reaches King Level 6 you have a chance to get them from chests that you open.

The number of star points you can get from chests depends on the rarity of the card that gives you points. Here is a table showing the number of Star Points you can earn depending on the rarity of the card you get them from:

rarity of the card star points:

  • Together 1
  • Rarely 10
  • epos 100
  • Legendary1000

Aside from chests, you can also collect them by simply tapping on your XP bar and toggling it for Star Points. Using this method allows you to claim Star Points when you donate and upgrade cards.

◆ What happens to cards in Clash Royale that have already evolved to the maximum?

If your card has already been upgraded to the max, know that you will still be able to find more in the chests you open. However, there is a limit to the number of cards you can have, according to their rarity, according to Supercell:

  • Commons: 100 cards ;
  • Rare: 10 cards ;
  • Epics: 5 cards ;
  • Legendary: 1 card ;

After reaching this limit, any extra cards will be converted to gold. The amount received for a card depends on the class:

  • Commons: 5 gold ;
  • Rare: 50 gold ;
  • Epics: 500 gold ;
  • Legendary: 20,000 gold ;
Changes in cards

The display of card power has been changed by Supercell, but nothing has changed in the balance between rarities or cards. Previously, cards of the same level had different power depending on their rarity.

All rarities started at level 1, but a common tier 1 card was much weaker than a tier 1 epic card. This was confusing at times, even for the most experienced players.

Now, all cards of the same level (from 1 to 13) will have the same power with each other. Another measure was to standardize the levels to better represent power:

  • Legendary cards range from level 9 to 13;
  • Epic cards, from level 6 to 13;
  • Rare cards, from level 3 to 13;
  • Common cards, from level 1 to 13 (as it was before);
Stellar level

When your King’s Tower level is also maxed (13), you will earn Star Points by making card upgrades, donations, and collecting additional level 13 cards.

These cards will be converted into Gold and Star Points. With Points, you will be able to unlock Star Levels for your level 13 cards. Each will unlock different skins without additional power.

According to Supercell, the developer is expected to adopt more stellar levels over time. Initially, cards can be upgraded by up to three stellar levels.

Some cards will have one or two stellar levels, while others will have up to three available. The Clash Royale team said they want to hear what players think about the different star tiers before implementing new ones. 

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