Properly differentiate between process virtual machines, host VMMs and native VMMs


Properly differentiate between process virtual machines, host VMMs and native VMMs in simple and easy words with proper diagram and explanation in a cloud computing subject.


  • Process virtual machine in cloud computing also called the application virtual machine. IT runs as a normal application inside a host operating system and it supports a single process. The process virtual machines run the same as any normal application in any operating system like it is created when the process is started and it quits when the process is destroyed.

The main purpose is to provide a platform-independent programming environment that abstract awaits details of the hardware and the operating system. process virtual machine allows a program to execute in the same way as the normal program executes on any platform or operating system.

Example of process virtual machine is VMWare. This software is supported on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

  • System virtual machine provides a complete system and the platform for all the process which supports the execution of the competing operating system. It is also said to be Hypervisor and this system is installed directly on the system hardware rather than the operating system. This system is much expensive and rather than having just a program or software you need to have a dedicated system for the system virtual machine.

This system is used where you want to run multiple opening systems within constraints of the operating system limits. Example of the system virtual machine is VirtualBox and this is one of the biggest company who makes the system virtual machine.

  • Host virtual machine is a server component of a virtual machine, in this host virtual machine provides all the computing resources which the system requirements and it underlying upon the hardware and its support system virtual machine. By this, we can have multiple instances and all the resources which are required for that instance are being provided by the host virtual machine.

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