You have a lens of focal length 15cm…


You have a lens of focal length 15cm. Draw array diagram showing the image created for and object 2 cm tall placed 30 cm to the left of the lens from part a. State whether the image is real and whether it is inverted.

a) Calculate the location of the image and the magnification


For a converging lens, when the o is at 2f, image is at 2f on the otherside, real andinverted, and of thesame size; m =1

For O = 30 cm and f = 15 cm
1/O + 1/I = 1/f
Sign convention real +ve, virtual -ve.
1/30 + 1/I = 1/15
Hence 1/I = 1/15 -1/30 = 1/30
Therefore, I = 30cm
Magnification m= I/O = 30/30 = 1

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