Which of the following network transmission media offers the highest…


Which of the following network transmission media offers the highest potential throughput over the longest distances?
a. MMF
b. SMF
c. UTP
d. STP


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Single-Mode Fiber has a small core of 8 to 10 microns in diameter. Laser lights go along one path in the core and reflect quiet little so the signals can go forward. The going on of the light helps SMF to lodge higher bandwidths and longest distances in network media.

Hence the correct option is b.

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The explanation for incorrect options:

• MMF has a bigger diameter than SMF. Signals journeying over MMF confront more attenuation compared to those in SMF. Hence MMF is not acceptable for distances greater than a few miles.

Hence option (a) is wrong.

• UTP is the cabling that has one or more insulated wire pairs inside a plastic sheath. It doesn’t have more shielding so signals can be lost. Hence it’s not advisable for longer distances.

Hence option (c) is wrong.

• STP has twisted wire pairs that are enclosed by a metallic shield which is not as protective as a fibre. STP is costly compared to UTP.

Hence option (d) is wrong.

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