What personnel records would you suggest for a small retailer with three employees?


A.) What personnel records would you suggest for a small retailer with three employees?

B.)What kind of problems can be encountered when requesting references from previous employers of job applicants?

C.) In staffing their offices, some firms encourage in-house referrals (recommendations of their present employees). What are some possible objections to this practice as a means of obtaining job applicants? What advantages may be realized by the firm that uses in-house referrals?


A. Personnel records are very important from running a human resource department perspective. Following records must be maintained irrespective of number of employees.

Employee Selection / Interview data etc. name following

  1. Employee Resume
  2. Job related test and answer sheet
  3. Copies of educational qualification and previous employments records
  4. Background verification documents
  5. Job description
  6. Appraisals / performance reports
  7. Attendance Records
  8. Disciplinary Actions
  9. Contracts

B -Problems in references from previous employers –

  1. Few provide detailed reference information
  2. Reference information provided on the wrong person, because of similar names
  3. Historical situations may not align with present conditions
  4. Records not review while giving information

C. Advantage of in-house referrals –

Assurance on quality of candidates

Monetary benefits to employees

Best suited for specialized positions

Promotes retention rate and improve attrition ratio

Limitation of inhouse referral system –

  1. It does not provide even playing field to all eligible candidates
  2. Might lead to charges of discrimination
  3. Lack of good candidates / key resource from market

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