1. AbbVie Inc.(ABBV)

This indutry estimated that the $250 billion company becomes  the largest Pharma stocks as soon as 2028.

2. Altria Group Inc.(MO)

MO is a well-run company that alredy delivered over 50 dividend increases over the last 50 years.

3. Consolidated Edison Inc.(ED)

ED has a big base of 3.5 million electricity and 1.1 million natural gas customers.

4. Hershey Co.(HSY)

The Shares are up about 20% so far in 2022, but the prediction of roughly 13% growth.

5. Kinder Morgan Inc.(KMI))

This company is paying 5.9% dividend that should be easier to manage, if situation get tough again.

6.M&T Bank Corp.(MTB)

MTB is the rare stocks that has actually showned  healthy gains since the 1st quater of 2022

7. Ventas Inc.(VTR)

I'm not recommending this stock but according to experts, it may give some initial pump.

1.AbbVie Inc. (ticker: ABBV) 2.Altria Group Inc. (MO) 3.Cons. Edison Inc. (ED) 4.Hershey Co. (HSY) 5.Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) 6.M&T Bank Corp. (MTB) 7.Ventas Inc.(VTR)

Invest with your own risks.