Match each program or processing technique…



a. File Compression Program – Zipped file. With the help of file compression program we can compress the a file to a smaller size. This compressed file is also called Zipped file.

b. Netware – Server operating system. This is a network operating system which enables different computers to share the files, data, applications between them not like the traditional one’s. So this is a server operating system.

c. Virtual memory – Swap file. Swap file is a space in hard disk which is used to replace the contents in the RAM. This is the concept of virtual memory

d. File Management Program – Folder. File Management Program is program which manages all the files. A folder consists of different files.

e. Spooling – Printer. A spooler is a computer program which is a type of buffer which consists of all the files to be printed.

f. Multiprocessing – Simultaneous processing. Multiprocessing is executing multiple processes at a time. So it is also called simultaneous processing.

g. DOS – Command Line Interface. DOS is an operating system. It doesn’t have a graphical user interface similar to that of windows or mac. It has only command prompt like interface. For every operation, we have to give commands.

h. Disk management program– Fragmentation. We have to get different sectors and tracks of the disk to the RAM execute the program. After the execution of the program, the memory from RAM is removed. This causes gaps in the RAM which are different sizes and may not accommodate all the programs because of variable size. This is called fragmentation. This is one type of disadvantage.

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