Identify several outcomes you expect from occupying a leadership position


Identify several outcomes you expect from occupying a leadership position. What valences do you attach to them?


Occupying a leadership position is not a cakewalk. Once occupied a chair of a leader, all the duties and responsibilities comes and paves the way to get them solved. The position of a leader comes along with many tags of duties that need to be performed quite efficiently. A leader has to be always on his toes to get the team members to work and perform too.

The several outcomes that are expected from occupying a leadership position are that the followers might not like the personality of a leader and they might get rebellious with the actions assigned by the leader to them. The second possibility would be that the leader becomes an apple’s eye and gets positive responses from the followers every time they get into deciding something or the other.

Thus the leadership could be attached to valences such as enthusiasm, vigor, vivacity, excitement, positive attitude, optimism, teamwork, dedication towards work, showing empathy, a delegation of responsibility, etc.

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