how to get Phone app back on iPhone and Reason behind it

how to get Phone app back on iPhone

Since all apps (icons), including standard apps, can now be removed from the home screen, there is a high possibility that you accidentally removed the phone app while organizing your home screen. That said, the Phone app icon can easily be put back on the home screen. In this article, we will explain to you how to get phone app back on iPhone.

Here I’ll tell you how I get back any apps I mistakenly removed.

Quick solution: Swipe down from the center of the home screen> Search bar> Type ‘Phone’> You can see the phone icon.

The reason behind phone icon missing on iPhone

There may be multiple reasons behind the phone icon missing on iPhone, but we provided some legit reasons. That reason may have happened with your iPhone: 

  • If there are any Software update glitches,
  • Mistakenly removed by your children or family members,
  • Sent the phone app to the newly created home Screen Page and forgot about it,
  • Edited the home screen and don’t know how to bring it back.

◆ 5 methods: How to get the phone app back on iPhone?

If the Phone app on your iPhone has disappeared from your home screen, don’t panic. By design, the Phone app cannot be completely erased from the iPhone. It doesn’t mean you can’t make a call even if it’s not on the home screen.

How to backup contacts on iPhone?

Method 1: Use spotlight search to find the Phone app

You can also open the Phone app from your iPhone’s search function.

1. Swipe down from the center of the home screen to bring up the search screen,

swipe down from middle of the home screen

2. Enter (Type) “phone” in the search window to display the phone app.

open spotlight or search bar

3. Tab and hold the Phone App and click on “Add to Home screen”.

As mentioned above, you can also search for phone apps from the App Library, but if you have a lot of apps and find it troublesome to search for icons, this is the quickest way to go.

Method 2: Find phone apps from the App Library

In iOS 14 and later, due to the introduction of ” App Library, “it is now possible to remove only the application icon from the home screen. Even if the icon is deleted from the home screen, the application remains and can be started from the App library.

1. If you can’t find the Phone app on your home screen, look for it in the App Library on the last page of your home screen.

app library

2. The phone app is in the “Social” category.

3. Tap and hold the phone app, then select “Add to home screen.”

add to home screen from app library

Note* If you can’t find the phone app icon in the “SNS” category, tap the small icon in the lower right to switch to the list view, and you should be able to see the phone app.

Method 3: Reset your Home Screen layout

If you drastically changed your home screen layout, just reset it from the setting. In this case, above 90% off times, it will automatically fix.

1. Open the Settings App and click on General.

general setting on iphone

2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Transfer or Reset.

3. Now click on Reset,

4. Tap Reset Home Screen Layout.

reset home screen layout

Method 4: Use Siri to find the missing icon

If your iPhone has a front Home button, press and holds this button. Or if you’re using iPhone x or more, the call “Hay Siri.”

search through siri

Then ask Siri to open the Phone app.

Method 5: Restart and check for updates

This is the solution to common issues; most smartphone users use it when facing any basic problem.

Step 1. Settings > General > Shut Down.

Step 2. press and hold the Power button to start again.

power button

Also, you can check if any software update is pending. To do this, open Settings > General > Software Update.

How to get back the iPhone call app?

You can easily find it using this method. Just follow the simple three steps to recover it successfully. Here are the steps:

  1. Swipe down from the center of the home screen (Seach bar appears),
  2. Then Type “Phone” on the search bar,
  3. You can see the Call app visible.

How can I download the iPhone call app?

You don’t need to download the calling App from anywhere. If you removed the call App from your iPhone mistakenly, you could recover it from Apps Library.

But if you really want to download the Call App, You can download it from the App store. Here is the link below:


◆ FAQs

Ans.1. Some might think that when the Phone app icon disappears from the home screen, so does the history and other data.

In this regard, the App itself does not disappear, so there is no need to worry about the remaining data.

Ans.2. In the case of the phone app, even if it disappeared from the home screen, the App itself was not completely deleted, but some standard apps can be completely deleted, so be careful.

In some cases, the App itself can be completely deleted if there is an option to delete the App when long-pressing the app icon.

However, even if you completely erase the standard App, you can easily reinstall it from the App Store. Search for the App you want to reinstall in the App Store and tap the cloud download button.


  1. Turn on your iPhone and then go to the App Store on your Phone.
  2. At the top of the store, click on your profile icon and choose Purchased to enter the list of previously purchased applications.
  3. In the next window, click on Not on this iPhone to see only the apps that have been deleted.
  4. Now scroll through this list in search of the App you want to reinstall on your Phone again and once you find the App, tap on the little cloud icon next to the App you want to restore.
  5. When you click on this icon, downloading and installing the application on your Phone will start again, and it will take some time, depending on the application size.
  6. It’s worth noting that you must sign in with the same Apple ID that you purchased the apps through previously.

Ans.4. These reasons may be disappeared your Phone app from iPhone:

  • Mistakenly removed by your children or family members,
  • Sent the phone app to the newly created home Screen Page and forgot about it,
  • Edited the home screen and don’t know how to bring it back

Ans.5. If you want to display the deleted phone app on the home screen again, restore the phone app from the App Library or search results screen.

Restore from App Library:

Long press the Phone app icon in the App Library and tap Add to Home Screen to instantly add the Phone app to your home screen.

It will not be added to the “dock,” where the icon is always displayed at the bottom of the home screen, so if you want to install the phone app, manually drag it to the dock.

Suppose you want to place it where you want it from the beginning, press and hold the Phone app icon in the App Library and drag it. The phone app icon is now movable and can be placed anywhere on the home screen.

Return from the search function:

  1. Long press the phone app icon.
  2. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  3. After searching for the Phone app as described above, long-press the icon.
  4. Tap Add to Home Screen from the menu to instantly add the Phone app icon to your home screen.

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