Food taxes intended to shift consumption towards a healthier diet are controversial


Food taxes intended to shift consumption towards a healthier diet are controversial. Some people think that individuals should make their own choices, and if they prefer unhealthy products, the government should not interfere. In view of the fact that those who become ill will be cared for at some public expense, others argue that the government has a role in keeping people healthy In your own words, provide arguments for or against food taxes designed to encourage healthy eating.


The government has been doing its best to reduce the interest and bent of people in junk food. People should be encouraged to eat healthy food and therefore, the government should impose taxes on junk food and encourage healthy eating.

By imposing taxes on junk food, the government targets to raise the prices of junk food which will deter people to eat junk food and lower the price tags on fresh and natural fruits, vegetables, and food. By doing this, people will be more attracted to fresh foods and deter themselves from buying and eating junk food. Fresh food coming at a lesser price tag than junk food will also encourage people to eat and buy healthy food.

With expensive tags on junk, processed food, and soft drinks, it will discourage people to eat and buy these foods and therefore help people eat and buy natural and fresh food. Government should also help people take up healthy and daily exercises which will promote healthy living and negate any ill effects of eating disorders. Government should also conduct workshops and create awareness campaigns in schools, offices, and market places to encourage healthy eating and promote fresh and natural eating. This will also help in creating awareness for obesity.

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