Electronic immigrants are residents of one country who are employed by a company in another country…


Electronic immigrants are residents of one country who are employed by a company in another country. They are the result of what some people call “offshoring” of jobs. They deliver the results of their work through the Internet or private communications networks.

For example, a USA-based company hires a programmer who lives in Beijing, China. The worker perform the assigned duties during the agreed schedule, and even participates on projects with team members from headquarters in the States,

Please provide responses to the following

  • What is the value of hiring electronic immigrants? Please conduct research to learn more about this topic
  • What are the disadvantages of employing electronic immigrants?
  • Do you foresee a time when most workers will be remote? How are advancements in technology fostering this type of work environment?


Answer = If we look at the current industrial and business environment, the focus of all the business organization is to minimize the overall cost of production and it is a well known fact that the labor cost is the major element in the cost of production. This concept has been addressed with the help of implementing the concept of off shoring in which the firms outsource their operations and activities to those locations that have relatively lower labor cost. When this is done with the help of electronic communication mode i.e. through internet, this is called electronic immigration.

In the coming time, this concept is going to be of greater value to the companies and also for the employees as the companies can reduce the overall cost of operations while the employees can get the opportunity to work from their home country for the companies all over the world.

Answer= The main disadvantages of electronic immigrants

  1. This type of employment can be harmful to the local employment market as the local employees may not get the jobs
  2. The companies may face the problem of less control over the manner in which the work is done
  3. This type of practices can also result in lower privacy and can be subjected to number of violations
  4. The company will depend heavily on those employees who do not share any loyalty with the company

Answer = With the advent in communication technology and the spread of globalization along with a greater emphasis on lowering the cost of production, the future will be of this kind of employment practices. As most of the employers are not looking to replace the regular employees with the contract employees, this trend will have greater popularity in the upcoming decades

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