Can people see my second Instagram account?

Not directly, but through your phone number, people can see your second Instagram account. Six months ago, I also searched on the internet that can people see my second Instagram account.

But the sad truth is I didn’t get any proper answer, but now I have an accurate answer about it; let’s read to get your answer.

Can people see my second Instagram account (Newly created)

The last time I made the same mistake was when I created an Instagram account with one of my old phone numbers and received friend requests from family and neighbors. 

Suddenly my new Instagram crossed 100+ followers within 2 days. And I was shocked and found the proper answer on the internet like you.

Instagram has a feature called suggest friend, which works through Phone contacts. You can’t do anything about the Instagram policy, but you can remove your phone number from your account.

When creating a new Instagram account, always use a fresh phone number you’re not sharing with your friends or family. I recommend using a fresh email id, and you can create an email id within a munites.

How can people find your second insta account?

There are multiple ways to find your second Instagram account, but we provided some legit ways that general people use. 

  1. People can find you through the Recommended friend section.
  2. Sometimes people add their other Instagram accounts to their main profile.
  3. They can find you through Syncing contacts, which helps them find all Instagram accounts owned by contacts.
  4. Searching your name on Instagram.
  5. They can find you if you liked your new account photos using your old account.
  6. Also, they can track your new Instagram account if you followed using an old count.

These footprints can help others to find your second Instagram account. So, remember the points if you want to create a new Instagram account and want to hide from other people.

Tips To Hide Instagram Accounts from friends and families:

When you create a second Instagram account, you can use these working tricks to avoid your friends and families.

  1. Don’t use any number that your friends and family know. 
  2. If you already added it, remove it now.
  3. Try to use a unique name.
  4. Don’t use a profile picture without a face reveal.
  5. Not to connect with the Facebook account.
  6. Don’t put your proper address or location.

These tips can help to hide your Instagram account from your friends.

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