Assume you are part of the IEEE committee that will revise the IEEE 1074 standard


Assume you are part of the IEEE committee that will revise the IEEE 1074 standard. You have been assigned the task of modelling communication as an explicit integral process. Make a case for the activities that would belong to this process.


Identification of the activity

Communication plays a major role in and it is as important in the software development life cycle as in our lives. Effective communication reduces the chances of conflicts and in case of SDLC leads to the enhanced quality of the software and hence the satisfaction of the customer.

While it comes to revising the IEEE 1074 standard, the communication process must be explicitly modelled as an integral part of the process.

This process should be related to almost all the processes which are as follows:

• In the development processes such as concept exploration, system allocation and the requirements process the communication plays a vital role. There must be effective communication with the customer or client to better understand his requirements from the software system.

• In the design and the implementation process, there must be good communication between the development team to enhance their teamwork and ensure development in a positive direction.

• Project initiation and the Project monitoring and control process would definitely require the communication process because reporting of the progress of the project and controlling the workflow of the project is impossible without effective communication.

• There should be good communication between the developing and the testing team as well to remove the ambiguity and redundancy of the information provided about the errors to the development team. Good communication within the testing team is must to ensure preventing duplicity of bugs.

• Finally in the later stages of SDLC such as software quality management and maintenance process also communication process is an indispensable part as good communication ensures teamwork towards a common goal.

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